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Fallout 4 is the very first console game ever to support modding, and ever since, it has released many high-quality mods that help improve the facet of every experience. Though it may be hard for Xbox One Players to figure out which are the best mods for Fallout 4 due to the volumes of the mods available in the market. This write-up will help you find the best and still figure out how to install them. Read on!


What mods should I download for Fallout 4?

What is Gameplay Mods?

Gameplay modding basically means modification, which is the process of altering the game by the player, such as how the character of the play world looks or even how they behave. The mods generally change the game experience of fallout 4 since they will allow you to alter the existing mechanics and give you a chance of adding something new.

These best fallout 4 mods are a perfect choice, especially if you want to spice or take your gaming to the next level in a new playthrough. There are very pretty much many great Fallout 4 mods that are out there; however, we aim to highlight for you the best mods for Fallout 4 that are more performance-friendly, provide overhaul the game's visuals, or help add in new gameplay features.

a) Fallout 4 Graphics Mods

1. Better Graphics And Weather

The mod allows you to change the scenery of your game. In addition, the mod will help you create adjustments to the lighting effects, objects, and weather effects. Although Fallout 4 already has lush and appealing features, using these mods adds a unique style and post-apocalyptic setting.

The graphics will actually give you the effect and textures you will desire. It will also help enhance every piece of your game while at the same time emphasizing every detail if you get an addition of TeMkA169’s Better Graphics and Weather mod. Additionally, the model will provide you with different weather patterns to help the game world look more real.

2. Vivid Fallout – All In One

Vivid Fallout mod was created by Hein84. For these players who might want landscapes and the background of a more detailed game, this is the best choice to get. The vivid fallout 4 mod will mostly provide a more virtually exciting and pleasing experience that will leave the player or fun satisfied.

This best fallout 4 mods will help change everything to do with landscapes, roads, and backgrounds. The vivid fallout mod will add some sharpness and contrast while enhancing the shadows and highlights.

b) Fallout 4 Weather Mods

Weather mods might seem like something really small, but they will give you a totally different view. The mods allow you to change and create sunny weather, dust storms, or radiation storms.

3. Northland Diggers

The weather mods usually apply mostly once you have chosen the best settlement and everything is set in furniture. Weather mods are limited, and unless you have the Northland Diggers Fallout mod installed on your pc, playing can be boring. These weather mods will allow you to change and add extra workbenches to make gaming more interesting and exciting.

4. True Storms

True storms are created by fading signal and are one of the best mods for Fallout 4 in terms of weather. The commonwealth can have great landscapes and backgrounds, but the weather of the locality will get drab and be repetitive after a short while. You will have a wide range of weather options that you could add or change to boost your game with the true storms.

c) Fallout 4 Settlement Mods

You will need to change the game's home base game at some point as you play Fallout 4. You can purchase some settlements or crafting that are usually available in some mods. A couple of settlements or crafting are available throughout the game, either through guests, interactions or by stumbling across them.

5. Better Settlers

Better settlers are created by Thom293, and it is another mod that is very amazing. This mod allows the user to change the settlement, but most players complain that this Fallout 4 settlers are present throughout the game, but this will mostly depend on the game you are using it. Some players will encounter NPC across various settlements or crafting on the map of the game's mod. However, the advantage is that you will have over 240 additional settlers that will be added to your game with the Better settlers.

6. Sim Settlements

Sim settlements mod is one of the best fallout 4 mods that are created by Kinggath. The modification will transform the Commonwealth and come with a settlement building that will add a blast as you play. Playing with the same settlement building for a while can be pretty annoying; therefore, the sim settlements or crafting will help.

The sim settlement will allow the settlers to be more independent, and they can build their own objects by themselves, which will improve the living standards of the setter while giving players a good and interesting play.

7. Settlement Supplies Expanded

The settlement supplies expanded mod is another great option to help the player change the structure, furniture, and new objects. The Supplies Expanded will provide a wider variety of choices for the players or fans to choose from. When you have successfully installed the mode, you can place it anywhere or everywhere. Fallout 4 settlement editor, you will find a very interesting feature that carries from doors and barbed wire concrete walls to trees.

f) Fallout 4 companion/NPC mods

With the many kinds of interactions to be mod throughout the commonwealth, Companion NPCs provide the player with great dialogue options, and guests ane even background noises. Companion NPCs will provide exciting and new features if you are tired of the old interactions. While a companion will come with more interesting features, most Npc social options take time to turn fallout.

8. Companion Infinite Ammo

Companion Infinite Ammo is a great option that comes with different character-specific skills and perks. This mod is great at Cait lockpick, hacking, and deacon, which can sneak through pretty much everywhere. The character in the game will choose the weapon of their choice with the Companion Infinite Ammo, and you can get a more effective one.

With Companion Infinite Ammo, the player will be able to do tricks that will prevent the character in the game from burning out through the high-quality arrows that you manage to collect.

9. Full Dialogue Interface

A full dialogue interface is created by Cirosan and Shalwar. This mod for fallout 4 is one of the best and most amazing mods that satisfy most fans and players. With these mods, the player will not see what they are doing, which leads to single-word descriptor dialogue options that can deliver something totally different. The good thing is that this Full Dialogue Interface mod has changed recently, making it more amazing and very convenient to use.

How Do I Install and Play a Fallout 4 Mod?

Now that we have looked at the best fallout 4 mods, we have got you covered if you do not know how to install and play a fallout mod. You can download and play the best mods for Fallout 4 mod by following the following process:

  1. To start with, you will need an account at Bethesda games if you want to download the modification you have chosen on your pc or console. However, it is important that you first refresh the already existing games on your device since some mods, even the best of the best, may interfere with the existing saves.
  2. You could consider getting  Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch since it will smoothen things out, and it is a Bethesda game that works with most mods.
  3. Select the exact modification you want to download amongst the many options that are in the market. Then select the modification and then select download.
  4. Once the downloading process is done, it will automatically be installed, and at this point, you will need to refresh the existing games or even the new ones you uploaded again as we did before downloading the mods.
  5. If you are having an issue with the mods, you are installing them, and you need to ensure that the mod you are downloading is correct. Go to load order which is usually on the mods menu and reset or set the order.

We have looked at the basic steps you will follow while downloading modes since you are downloading the mods on different devices, either on the console or your pc; we have a few tips that could help on each.

a) Fallout mod on console

If you are using a console, the process is pretty similar to the one we discussed, and you will go to the mod table on the title of the game and then select download, then sort and active them. A good example of the modification is Diamond City Radio is Atomic Radio, a similar mod with lore-friendly goals

b) Fallout mod on PC

On the pc, there might be a little difference in how the process works. For the pc, before you even start installing, you will need to have or download the Nexus Mod Manager, which will allow you to access different types of mods. From there, you will select and download the best fallout 4 mods you have selected. While installing, you will need to click on the files folder and click on the install option to download.

Importantly you should note that the experience while using these mods may differ from one player to another. Also, remember that you are downloading the mod at your own risk.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Fallout 4 Mod

Before purchasing the best mods for Fallout 4, there are factors that you should consider.

  1. Ensure that the modification you download has features that are easily accessible and work perfectly.
  2. Ensure that the installing and uninstalling of the modification  for Fallout 4 will not affect the functionality of your pc
  3. Ensure that you look at the mod content of the Mod adds to the game. Some of the mod adds contain content not rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board, which may not be age-appropriate for some.
  4. Look at the achievements or other live features that come with the modification.
  5. Ensure you get the mod from secure sites. The modding community is not accountable for your personal modding. Therefore always remember that the security of your device can be affected.
  6. It is also important that you ensure that any game updates are compatible with some already installed the modification.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Fallout 4 Mods

1. Is Fallout 4 good with a mod?

Like any Bethesda game, the most enthusiastic modding community built a perfect mod for fallout 4. As a result, there are more than ten best fallout 4 mods you can download and use today. The good thing is that Fallout 4 has retained a consistent base game for a while now.

2. What is the best add-on for Fallout 4?

Even most of the best mods for fallout 4 do not have nearly enough sorts of moments. The good thing is that you can add in any interesting and new areas to explore. For instance, you could host a fantastic sidequest, a bunch of weapons, and Far Harbor, which are some of the best Bethesda DLC in the market for a while now.

3. What does Armorsmith Extended do?

Armorsmith Extended is an important feature that will add new mod slots and mods to the armor or clothing. This armorsmith extended will also make the armor and clothing features available to the mod-added items. Moreover, it adds a lot of other items and makes more things craftable or custom workbenches.

4. Can you get Fallout 4 mod on PS4?

Yes, it is possible to get your Fallout 4 mods on ps4. However, mostly installing a mod is not usually as direct and easy as you think. This is because mixing and matching fallout 4 mods can have unpredictable effects on your game or even end up crashing your system. To get started, you need to update your game to the latest version. You will then need to go to the option in your main game menu. It is very important to note that do this at your own risk.