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Last Updated 24 Jan 2021

Are you in search of the best MMO gaming mouse in 2020?

It is necessary to understand everything regarding the peripheral you are using. It is not just about the comfort level as if an MMO mouse looks attractive does not show that it will be the right choice for you. Choosing the right one that fits best in your hands and enriched with lots of features is the key thing.

Using the best mouse for gaming purposes can help you in the ventures of games, whether you are playing Guild Wars 2, WoW or any MMORPG. Usually, lightweight mouses are preferred more as it can help you to move faster when needed. No doubt, comfort is the key thing as most of the gamers spend lots of time playing games and a comfy mouse is much more suggested.

Ease of use is another important factor. If you feel comfortable using a mouse and unable to approach all the buttons easily, so it is not a good mouse.

In the past decade, gaming mouses come a long way and time has gone when keypad was used for the commands. A variety of buttons on the mouse is the main thing for a gamer.

Here is a list of top 5 best MMO gaming mouses you can use in 2020:

Corsair Scimitar Pro

Corsair has continuously introduced upright products, and the Scimitar Pro is not different. It has a key slider system that allows the users to alter the positions of the buttons and lock them in the area. On the side buttons, you will see the keycaps that are textured and can help develop grip and accuracy.

On the side, 12 buttons are located to the Scimitar Pro and you can program them with custom macros, DPI matrices, timer countdowns, etc. you can even tune the mouse to the mouse pads that can change the settings down to 1-DPI.

You will experience a nice comfortable grip on the Scimitar Pro, specifically for the users who have a claw grip. With this optical mouse, you will experience 16,000 DPI and it is not a small thing. Well, you will have to practice a little to get used to this mouse and in the end, it will be worthy enough.


  • 16,000 DPI sensor
  • Key Slider System


  • Buttons are closer as compared to other mouses
  • Hard to program with the software (for beginners)

Logitech G502 

Logitech G502 is considered as the best MMO gaming mouse of 2020. When you are in search of an excellent MMO mouse, the first thing comes to your mind is a conventional mouse with 12 buttons on the sides. Users who are not aware of this mouse will start loving it once they practice enough. However, it also has a variety of Massive Multimedia Online MMOs gaming that does not frequently go fit with this network system. Other than that, it has loads of products and the grip factor is an important commitment.

With 11 programmable buttons, it has an onboard DPI switch. From 200-12,000 adjustable DPI, Logitech G502 has a button to enhance control of downshifting sensitivity for a short time. Apart from that, it has an modifiable scroll wheel.

In search of the best MMO cybersports mouse, G502 is decided to be the best MMO cybersports mouse at a highly affordable price. For all the lovers of MMOs cybersports, mouse customization is truly important and the G502 highly stands out in this view. You can customize all the 11 buttons with the help of Logitech G502 software together with the DPI, the weight, the existing macro profile, and even the stability without stress.


  • RGB lighting option
  • Long-lasting and fell solid
  • A great number of personalization choices
  • Easy software for assigning macros


  • Made for right-hand users only
  • Does not have a huge amount of LEDs
  • Does not have a 12 button grid layout

Logitech G903 Hero 16K Sensor

When you have an unlimited budget for the mouse, it seems that Logitech has made its G903 wireless mouse with amazing efficiency and performance. However, it costs more than it should be.

Undoubtedly, this mouse is enriched with wireless charging together with Lightspeed 2.4GHz wireless. Other than that it has a HERO 16K optical sensor, which provides extreme accuracy and overall quality performance.

Well, the price of this mouse is a real deal, which makes it perfect for high profile gamers who don’t care about their budget.

When it comes to more features, it has personalized RGB lighting that you can adjust to react to a specific game or even audio action. It also offers more than 16.8 million color combinations. Moreover, it has an amazing battery life of about 140 hours with RGB lighting and 180 hours except RGB lighting. With 11 programmable metal spring buttons, it has a tough and proficient G hub gaming software that changes the G903 in a real gaming power tool.

Logitech G903 offers an ambidextrous design with great tracking and smooth wireless performance. In comparison with other wireless devices, the G903 has no issue and provides excellent responsiveness to compare with some of the best-wired mouses.

Above all, if you really want to experience the best MMO gaming mouse and you have no limitations over the budget, Logitech G903 is the best deal for you.


  • Wireless charging
  • Lightspeed wireless
  • Lots of personalized options


  • Too much expensive 

SteelSeries 62051 Rival 500

SteelSeries understand that plenty of gamers face issues with lower key bindings, so they made a reliable flick down switch that presses the two bottom buttons to keep up smooth movements. Furthermore, it also has a lock function in case you are not using the bottom buttons. Without these buttons, you can experience a comfy grip with a thumb while not playing games. 

People with all diverse grip types, this mouse is superb, however, it seems to be difficult to get used to as compared to other mouses. However, up to 30 million clicks can be handled with this mouse, which shows that it can last long.   

According to the regular users, this mouse gives a feel of natural as if it moves with your hands. You can easily approach 15 buttons and the optical sensor provides up to 16,000 DPI. This mouse weighs about 129 grams, which is comparatively lightweight. It also has a smooth matte cover that gives it a stylish appearance.


  • Practical thumb features
  • PWM3360 sensor


  • Hard to get used to

Logitech G600

A reliable and affordable mouse is the Logitech G600. Undoubtedly, it has 20 huge buttons together with customized options. Logitech allows you to make customizations to your mouse even more than other models. The buttons may take a little bit of breaking, but once you practice enough, it can get smooth. 

With a laser sensor, you can monitor up to 8,200 DPI. G600 has one of the best features that you don’t need any kind of software to reach the setting information of your MMO mouse in terms of a button, tracking, and lighting.

Maybe the best feature is the “G-shift button” that lets users double the number of customized features. When you hold this button, it may act as a shift key, like the shift key located on the keyboard works and allows other functions.

Moreover, the mouse has the low-friction feet that make it work smoothly over any surface.


  • 20 buttons
  • Easy personalization


  • The grip is not too good
  • Extra buttons are hard to approach 

Final Thoughts

Here we have discussed the 5 best MMO gaming mouses in 2020 so that you can enhance the experience of gaming. Also, you need to make sure the things that are necessary to choose a reliable mouse. You can read out reviews of several mice before finally buying some devices.

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