Everyone knows Microsoft laptops are great, but it is often difficult to decide on the exact model which is right for you.  Sure, you know you want great quality without shelling out thousands of dollars for something like a MacBook Pro, but there are still so many options to choose from.  Microsoft has different laptop models that can be great for a variety of situations whether it be for personal use, business use, or gaming.   It is important to narrow down exactly what traits you are looking for in a new computer, and in this roundup, we will help you decide from the best Microsoft laptops available.

Best Microsoft Laptops CPU Processor Speed Screen Size Hard Drive Weight
Microsoft Surface Laptop-Platinum

Best Laptop for Appearances Learn More

Intel Core i5 3.1 GHz 13.5” 128 GB 2.76 lb
Microsoft Surface Book 2Great high End Laptop That Doubles as TabletLearn More Intel Core i5 3.5 GHz 13.5” 0 GB 3.38 lb
Microsoft Surface ProGreat Powerful Laptop for on The Go
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Intel Core M 2.6 GHz 12.3” 128 GB 1.69 lb
Microsoft Surface Go

Best Tablet Oriented Laptop
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Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y NA 10” 128 GB 1.15 lb


 Best Personal Laptop: Microsoft Surface Laptop-Platinum

The Platinum version of the Microsoft Surface Laptop family is among the best computers on the market when it comes to offering a diverse personal laptop experience.  It is light weight, and has a sleek silver exterior design.  The Alcantara fabric-covered keyboard allows for smooth typing to go along with a surprisingly responsive trackpad to make navigating your computer without a mouse a breeze.  A current Microsoft offer also includes free Office 365 for one year, making all key programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint available with no extra charge upon purchase.


  • Light Weight and Smooth
  • Touch Screen
  • Long Battery Life


  • Not Enough Ports
  • Upgraded Models Can Become Expensive

Buy this if: You want the highest quality exterior and screen appearance.

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Best Personal Laptop: Microsoft Surface Book 2

The Microsoft Surface Book can act as both a laptop and a tablet to fit whatever you are in the mood for.  The screen can be detached at any point and used as a touch pad with a very nice PixelSense display and quad-core processor.  The laptop’s machined magnesium frame makes for a very smooth matte finish which tends to stay looking clean even after it has not been wiped in some time.   Although the Surface Pen does not come standard with this model, it would be a wise purchase, as it makes navigating both home and work activities on the tablet mode far more enjoyable.


  • Flash Memory Solid State Drive
  • Versatile Tablet Features
  • Crisp Keyboard


  • Pen Not Included
  • Poor Battery Life
  • Tends to Overheat

Buy this if: You want a versatile laptop/tablet combination.

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Most Versatile: Microsoft Surface Pros

The Surface Pro is proudly the most versatile laptop of the Microsoft family.  It is the lightest and thinnest of all the models they offer.  This small frame pairs with surprisingly impressive sound system with the new addition of front facing speakers.  The newest version of the Surface Pro also offers a whopping 13.5-hour battery life which is among the highest you will find of any laptop on the market.  Of course, like the Surface Book, the Pro also doubles as a tablet.  The new addition of Studio Mode lets you turn the screen back a deeper than ever on the hinge, allowing for a great drawing and writing angle.  No matter where you plan on taking this laptop, whether it be on a hike or in the library, it is suited for whatever scenario you need.


  • Ultra-Versatile
  • Long Battery Life
  • Flash Memory Solid State Drive


  • Pen Not Included
  • Price
  • Only One USB Port

Buy this if: You want a powerful laptop that will be good when you’re on the go.

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Most Tablet Oriented: Microsoft Surface Go

Of all the Microsoft Surface laptops, the Go is good for those who want a tablet first that doubles as a computer and not the other way around.  At only 1.15 pounds, it is certainly the most compact of all the products described in this article.  Much like the Surface Pro, this is one of the most portable laptops that Microsoft offers, and the nine-hour battery life will be sure to keep it running all day after you leave the house.  The Go is a great laptop for taking in media content and light work or school activities.  If you are looking for a laptop for everyday home and office use, you may want to consider a more traditional laptop from our list, but this will certainly meet your needs if you are looking for a more casual option.


  • Great Keyboard
  • Battery Life
  • Good Graphics and Display
  • Strong Speakers


  • Not the Most Powerful
  • Large Bezel
  • Limited Port Selection

Buy this if: You want a casual laptop for media content ant light home and work usage.

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