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Best Harvest Moon Game

If you're looking for a video game that requires you to farm, mingle, and even maintain the land, the harvest moon video game is the best compromise. With the best harvest moon game, you can do almost all sorts of things that you can engage in real-life. However, if you are new to these games, there is a lot to choose from. Choosing the best game to play might be overwhelming, but we have compiled the best-rated games in the series. Before that, let's enlighten ourselves about the game series.


Which Harvest Moon is the best?

What's a Harvest Moon Game?

Harvest Moon (presently known as Story of Seasons) is a farm simulation role-playing game meant for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and developed by Amccus. The game was first released in Japan in 1996, in North America in 1997, and in European countries in 1998. The European version was shipped with language localization for France and Germany.

The main aim of this game is to restore and maintain a farm that has already fallen into bad condition. You decide how to allocate time between daily tasks like clearing the land, planting your crops, selling the harvests, raising livestock, attending some festivals, building relationships and alliances with villagers, and scavenging.

Now that we know what the harvest moon game is let's check out the best-rated harvest moon games on the market. Read on!

1. Friends of Mineral Town for Nintendo Switch- Story of Seasons

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town - Nintendo Switch
4,550 Reviews
Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town - Nintendo Switch
  • Refined Farming Simulation - Returning to the simulation style that put the...
  • A World of Possibilities - Once crops are watered and livestock brushed, explore...
  • Make Friends and More Than Friends - Mineral Town is jam-packed with interesting...
  • Each Season is Eventful - Beyond farming, fishing, and raising livestock, enjoy...

If you're looking for the best harvest moon game and you are hitched to the idea of starting early in the series, then Friends of Mineral Town is worth your attention. After the franchise ditched the standard Harvest Moon naming tradition in 2015, the Story of Seasons took over the title. Besides, for most Harvest Moon fans, this game usually represents when the series came into its own. The game usually takes place in Oak Tree Town, a little town looking for people to farm with.

So, being dissatisfied with living in the big city, you respond to a flier to take on the mission. When the player accepts the mission, they'll be moved to Oak Tree Town, where four other farmers will help them learn about cultivating their new acreage in the new town. The Friends of Mineral Town game's objective is usually to unlock all seven vendors orderly for Oak Tree Town to acquire a global commercial hub. Furthermore, Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is a great addition to the franchise; however, multiplayer is limited to a particular zone.

Furthermore, Friends of Mineral Town had a bad side from a point in Harvest Moon game history where no female player characters were available by default, so if you are wise to play as one, you will need to hitch More Friends of Mineral Town rather. Additionally, while we aren't going to tell you to jump deep into the illegal world, we should mention that fan-made mods for Friends of Mineral Town and More Friends of Mineral Town usually add same-sex relationships to the games. Again, this is unluckily something that no Harvest Moon games feature default.

  • Pros
  • Features easy-to-follow storyline
  • Engaging and intriguing game to play
  • Easy to play
  • Compatible with PS4 and Xbox One
  • Cons
  • Multiplayer is limited to a particular zone.

2. Trio of Towns for Nintendo 3DS- Story of Seasons

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns - Nintendo 3DS
771 Reviews
Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns - Nintendo 3DS
  • Best-selling farming/life-sim game of all time returns - Series producer...
  • Extensive customization - After creating unique farmer avatars, players work and...
  • Three towns, one world - Players acquire rare crops, decorations, and furniture,...
  • Heart-throbbing romance - Build relationships with bachelors and bachelorettes;...

Another game in this best harvest moon Game list is the Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns for the Nintendo 3DS. This game took the storyline in a new direction by initiating three different towns. This Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns was launched in 2018, and it came with three different cities based on three different civilizations. Also, it features different dog breeds and the ability to take your pets about town as well as decorate your home. Additionally, with its list of 14 different marriage candidates, the game drew in many seasoned players.

This Story of Seasons game usually comes with extensive customization. After creating unique farmer avatars, you work and play your way through the three towns in search of means to decorate your homes and take care of your crops and animals. You acquire rare crops, furniture, and decorations, and you can connect with other players to trade or try improving them through a magic pedestal in the multiplayer world.

Your role as a player is to bring the three communities involved together and learn about their distinct cultures. There are usually more NPCs than normal, thanks to the huge diversity of villages offering players interested in the more social features of the game series something to do and more stories to discover. Besides, you can build relationships with bachelors and bachelorettes; if gamers see each of those stories through, they can propose, get married and start their own families.

  • Pros
  • Comes with extensive customization so you can design the game as you wish
  • You can build relationships with bachelors and bachelorettes
  • Comes with real life-like storylines
  • Very engaging game to play
  • Cons
  • A bit expensive for a game

3. A New Beginning for Nintendo 3DS- Harvest Moon 3D

Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning - Nintendo 3DS
703 Reviews
Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning - Nintendo 3DS
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

This game was the last to carry the Harvest Moon name before the brand changed it to the Story of Seasons. Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning was officially published in 2012 for the Nintendo 3DS. This best Harvest Moon game has a scenario revolving around an abandoned village called Echo Village. You must resurrect through farming and other strategies like those used in former games in the series. Furthermore, although bringing in new citizens to the community is usually important, it'll take much effort.

The Town Renovation Plan and Construction Workshop usually adds the chance to develop new and interesting areas for future inhabitants to dwell in, making the game creative and engaging. However, although a New Beginning game is intriguing and enjoyable to play, the delayed start and long tutorials might make it hard to get into.

Furthermore, A New Beginning game features full crafting and decorating system virtually on par with Stardew Valley's own. You can easily pick up and move the whole fields, coops, barns, paddies, and even your house without endangering their contents. This means that if you want to change the layout a bit or end up misplacing something, it usually doesn't cost you anything except your time; it doesn't involve more time off work. Besides that, you can design as well as redesign the whole town in the same way.

  • Pros
  • Very creative and engaging game
  • Features easy-to-follow storyline
  • You can design as well as redesign the whole town
  • You have a chance to develop new and interesting areas for future inhabitants to dwell
  • Cons
  • The delayed start and long tutorials might make it hard to get into

4. Harvest Moon: Magical Melody

The last game on our best harvest moon Game list is the Harvest Moon: Magical Melody. The game storyline is that the Harvest Goddess has turned into a stone since people no longer value nature. Therefore, she must be resurrected back to life by collecting the personal notes of a magical melody. This magical melody usually reveals itself once you perform a loving action towards nature. The game is developed and designed by Marvelous Interactive for Gamecube.

Additionally, the game has a unique entry in the franchise in many ways, including the inclusion of a rival system that usually makes you feel bound to collect the notes and have a better farm, as well as the hyper-deformed "chibi" character designs. However, what makes this Magical Melody game special and preferred among HM fans is how your actions usually affect the game and its character directly.

Besides, it is the first one where characters can easily move into the town once they achieve certain standards, also the only one where the characters can move out if you disregard their needs.

  • Pros
  • Characters can easily move into the town once you achieve certain standards
  • Very engaging game to play
  • Comes with a slightly lower price tag
  • Has great character designs
  • Cons
  • The controls are disappointing.

5. Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
406 Reviews
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
  • Decide what sort of life you'd want to live, as you choose which vegetable to...
  • New Event System and wide-open game world for all-new adventures -- no matter...
  • Interact with 40 unique characters and build solid friendships and alliances --...
  • Great new marriage system and the ability to raise a child, bringing your...

Harvest Moon-A Wonderful Life game was first published in 2004 for the Nintendo GameCube, though it was later ported to the PS2 and PS4. The A Wonderful Life game usually opens on the Forget-Me-Not-Valley coast, where you must take over your father's property and restore it to its previous magnificence. Then, you can decide what sort of life you would want to live as you select the type of vegetable to grow, animals to raise, and more.

Furthermore, nurturing and caring for animals is a vast part of this A Wonderful Life game. The game usually starts with a cow that offers milk for 40 days before mating and a dog. You are later given ducks, chickens, goats, and other animals to care for while cultivating crops to earn money and enhance general production as well. Though the game's soundtrack has been termed "monotonous," the gameplay tends to be extremely addicting and engaging, making it an excellent addition to the franchise.

You can interact with up to 40 unique characters and create solid relationships and alliances. Also, the game has an excellent new marriage system where you can raise a child and bring your character's life full circle. Additionally, you can connect with Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town game for Game Boy Advance (GBA) for extended gameplay as well as all-new adventures.

  • Pros
  • You can interact with up to 40 unique characters and create solid relationships
  • Compatible with PS2 and PS4
  • Extremely addicting and engaging
  • Comes with real life-like storylines
  • Cons
  • The soundtrack is a bit monotonous.

What Are the Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Harvest Moon Games?

1. Ease of use

Before buying the best harvest moon game, you need something easy to control. The controls should be easy, even for a beginner. Also, we recommend you to look for harvest moon games that are proportional to your gaming experience level. Additionally, always check out the gaming options to determine how complex your option might be.

2. Character

When shopping for the best harvest moon games, check out the character options available. This consideration is for gamers, especially those who have their favorite characters. Every character has strengths as well as weaknesses, and we usually lean towards characters that match our gaming style most of the time. Therefore, before you settle for harvest moon video games, check whether the character available matches your style. Besides, even if you are a beginner at gaming, having several options will actually help you succeed in your gaming life.

3. The graphic quality 

Graphic quality is an important consideration, whether you're playing on Nintendo, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 4, or even PlayStation 5. This is because it usually plays a big role in our gaming experience. If the graphics are wanting, it cannot be easy to get engaged in the game. So, checking this feature will definitely be handy in finding the right product that will entertain you and keep you engaged for a long time.

Furthermore, since everyone's gaming style is different, we all have different motives for making the game choices that we eventually make. Therefore, once you've determined the crucial features of your harvest moon games, it will be very easy to get the right harvest moon role-playing games that are guaranteed to engage you and keep you fascinated for a long time.

4. The versatility of gaming

Your harvest moon games or story of seasons games need to be versatile. If the harvest moon role-playing games you choose have few customization options, you might feel unengaged and get bored quickly. Fortunately, the harvest moon role-playing games on our list are very engaging and interesting to play, so you won't worry about getting bored. Therefore, before you buy the harvest moon game, take a look at the versatility. Are there enough options to engage and fascinate you for a long period?