It’s no surprise that with the recent event like the adpocalypse over at YouTube causing thousands gaming Youtuber’s losing most of their income overnight that many are deciding to commit with Twitch and try to build an audience there. If you work hard and even manage to build a small but loyal audience and make a great income from donations which is something that can’t really be said for YouTube now. If you take a look at the top twitch streamers today, you will see that a lot of them have fascinating backgrounds that help them stand out from the crowd, this is done with green screens.

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What is the Best Green Screen For Twitch streamers?

Most green screens will actually do the same job as long as it’s a screen and green so what you want to do is measure the wall or space behind where you are going to find so that you can pick the correct sized screen for your setup. Secondly, if you don’t have a light set up already then, you should get one that comes with a light set up as it will really make your setup look a way lot better and a lot of other big twitch streamers use this kind of setup which is something you might have not even realized.

ChromaKey 9 x 15 ft


This green screen from LimoStudio is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get their first green screen for twitch, and I recommend it highly. I really think this is the best green screen setup for any twitch streamer and it is excellent value for money with a lot of great reviews online.

It comes with a superb light setup that includes x2 105-watt bulbs, x2 33inch umbrellas, x2 7 feet tall light stands and a bag that fits all of this inside once folded up which makes this easy to store away and travel around with. The bag light stands an umbrellas are really quite high in quality and good for the price. The light stands are really easy to adjust, and you can be sure they get the best position no matter what height you need.

If I were going to be completely honest, I would, however, say the bulbs are the best in quality, but that does keep the overall cost as low as it is. The good thing about that though is that you can always replace the bulbs with a different more expensive pair if you find that you want more light. If you are looking for a good twitch webcam we have a good guide on that you can read.

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