Best Gaming TVs for Console Gaming on Bigger 4k Screens



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As gaming is becoming more popular, so is the need for gamers to play on larger screens. However, the challenge is finding a large-size monitor, which is where the best gaming TVs fill the void. Read on to learn what makes a great gaming TV.


What is a Gaming TV?

A gaming TV comes with extra technologies and features like low input lag, Auto Low Latency Mode (game mode), and HDMI 2.1 to fully support your gaming systems. Coupled with 4K resolution plus a powerful GPU, you have more reason to buy a larger TV than PC gaming on a smaller monitor.

Getting the best gaming TV will let you enjoy faster 60Hz or 120Hz refresh rates, fast response times, and high-quality HDR to greatly improve your gaming experience and morale. Also, when you are not gaming, it will be the best screen to binge-watch your favorite shows on.

If you need the best gaming TV, read on to learn which five options make today's best deals. We will talk about the input lag, picture quality, and more features that make them great for your gaming performance when you are not watching movies.

1. SAMSUNG Q90T Series 75-inch 4K QLED

SAMSUNG 75-inch Class QLED Q90T Series - 4K UHD Direct Full Array 16X Quantum...
1,342 Reviews
SAMSUNG 75-inch Class QLED Q90T Series - 4K UHD Direct Full Array 16X Quantum...
  • DIRECT FULL ARRAY 16X* (75", 65" & 55"): Fine control of the lighting zones...
  • ULTRA VIEWING ANGLE: Engineered to reduce glare and enhance color, providing a...
  • QUANTUM HDR 16X: A wider range of brightness and color come together for a...
  • OBJECT TRACKING SOUND: Two top and two bottom built-in TV speakers adjust the...

One big reason you may have for getting the best gaming TV is the ability to enjoy a wider screen. This Samsung TV comes with a large 75-inch screen with superior LED backlighting. In addition, a Quantum processor upscales your clarity to 4k for the best viewing experience.

When playing your games, the refresh rate plays a superior role. For example, you want your characters to move fast to stand a chance to win in a multiplayer situation. Thus, this Smart TV that is also compatible with Alexa offers a 120Hz refresh rate when playing.

In addition, the TV comes with a Real Game Enhancer+ feature that reduces blur and halo, while the AMD FreeSync technology mitigates tearing and stuttering. Another important feature for gamers is the ability to cancel external noise so you can concentrate on your game. This TV comes with an Active Voice Amplifier that enhances the sound of your game.

To enjoy the best gaming experience, you have to pay attention to the connection ports. An HDMI 2.1 port, as found on this TV, will allow you to fully utilize your gaming system to enjoy better speeds and motion control. The TV is also compatible with Dolby for the best sound and comes in a sleek, boundless design that improves the appearance of any living room or gaming room.

  • Pros
  • Packs an HDMI 2.1 slot for most 4k/120Hz gaming
  • Comes with crystal clear resolution so you can enjoy your gaming experience
  • Perfectly controlled HDR sharpens the contrast between blacks and whites
  • Comes in a Samsung boundless design to improve your living area
  • Comes with a powerful processor
  • Available in different sizes for the best playing experience
  • Offers a low input lag
  • Reliable game mode
  • Cons
  • Could use a more powerful processor
  • A bit expensive

2. TCL 75R635 75-inch 6-Series 4K TV

This 75-inch gaming TV is what you need for the most fulfilling gaming performance. It is a 4K TV for gaming that uses the Quantum Dot technology with Dolby Vision support to improve your experience. Additionally, it offers an excellent native contrast ratio plus excellent high definition range brightness when in game mode.

You need your best gaming TVs to offer a fast response time for better results. This TCL model offers an 80% response in 3.8ms. In addition, the TV supports variable refresh rate (VVR) technology that reduces tearing.

This TV comes with an Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) that automatically switches into the game mode when you launch a gaming system. Also, it offers low input lag at 1080/60Hz and 4k/60Hz in game mode. Therefore, it will work best with most gaming consoles, such as the Xbox series and PS5.

The TV is compatible with Roku TV and also available in smaller sizes. Sadly, it does not come with the HDMI 2.1 port, which is ideal for lower latency offerings. 

  • Pros
  • 4K picture quality for a better gaming experience
  • Compatible with most gaming consoles
  • Low input lag
  • Offers a fast response time
  • It is a 75-inch smart Tv
  • The TV comes at an affordable price compared to other gaming TVs
  • Cons
  • Unreliable local dimming feature
  • Has a very narrow viewing angle

3. SAMSUNG 55-inch Class QLED Q90T Series

SAMSUNG 55-inch Class QLED Q90T Series - 4K UHD Direct Full Array 16X Quantum...
1,342 Reviews
SAMSUNG 55-inch Class QLED Q90T Series - 4K UHD Direct Full Array 16X Quantum...
  • DIRECT FULL ARRAY 16X* (75", 65" & 55"): Fine control of the lighting zones...
  • ULTRA VIEWING ANGLE: Engineered to reduce glare and enhance color, providing a...
  • QUANTUM HDR 16X: A wider range of brightness and color come together for a...
  • OBJECT TRACKING SOUND: Two top and two bottom built-in TV speakers adjust the...

If you want to enjoy a better experience than PC gaming, you could opt for this 55-inch Samsung smart TV. It has the best gaming features like 4k viewing enabled by a powerful Quantum processor.

The TV comes with an HDMI 2.1 port, compatible with next-gen consoles like the Xbox series X and more. In addition, it comes in a boundless design to complement your room and is also compatible with the Alexa Voice Assistant to improve your smart home.

It comes with a reliable game mode that works with the Real Game Enhancer+ and the AMD FreeSync technologies for faster response times with low blur and tearing.

  • Pros
  • Reliable peak brightness with Quantum HDR 12X
  • Comes with the HDMI 2.1 port, so it is compatible with PS5 and Xbox series
  • Offers excellent image quality
  • Works with Alexa for your smart home needs
  • Boundless design to accentuate your walls
  • Works with most streaming apps
  • Offers an excellent refresh rate of 120Hz
  • Cons
  • Not the best sound quality

4. Sony X950H 85-inch TV

Sony X950H 85-inch TV: 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility...
1,250 Reviews
Sony X950H 85-inch TV: 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility...
  • PICTURE PROCESSOR X1 ULTIMATE: Sony’s best processor analyzes content to boost...
  • TRILUMINOS Display: See exactly what the creator intended with advanced color...
  • FULL ARRAY LED with local dimming: Experience brighter highlights and detailed...
  • GAME MODE: Take your PlayStation experience to the next level with a Sony 4K...

Sony is well known for making high-quality TVs, and if this 85-inch X950H model is anything to go by, your gaming experience will only get better. When looking for the best gaming TVs, input lag, refresh rates, viewing experience, and processors are factors or features that make most gamers prefer using PC monitors.

However, this Sony TV comes with an impeccable, 85-inch, 4k ultra HD screen that takes your PC gaming experience to a bigger screen. In addition, it uses LED-LCD panel technology and incorporates the HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG for better viewing clarity. Also, it is an android TV that accounts for all streaming needs.

Because gaming requires only the best processors, PC gamers will appreciate the Sony X1 Ultimate Processor that balances color, contrast, and clarity. However, it may not be the most future-proof gaming TV as it lacks HDMI 2.1 ports, variable refresh rate (VRR), and is incapable of handling 4K/120Hz latency. But, it is a great TV for light gaming and one of the best options for watching live sports with a 120Hz refresh rate.

  • Pros
  • It is a 4k smart android TV
  • Offers a fast refresh rate
  • Comes with an excellent game mode
  • Powerful audio quality
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Not very expensive
  • Cons
  • No HDMI 2.1 slot
  • Does not support the variable refresh rate feature

5. LG Alexa Built-In CX 55" 4K Smart OLED TV

LG OLED55CXPUA Alexa Built-In CX 55' 4K Smart OLED TV (2020)
4,962 Reviews
LG OLED55CXPUA Alexa Built-In CX 55" 4K Smart OLED TV (2020)
  • LG OLED TV: Only OLED pixels emit their own light, allowing for perfect black,...
  • PIXEL LEVEL DIMMING: Millions of pixels emit their own light. Only OLED can turn...
  • WEBOS AND MAGIC REMOTE: LG's fan-favorite webOS platform makes it surprisingly...
  • α9 GEN 3 AI PROCESSOR 4K: Everything you see and hear is automatically made...

If you are a gamer who loves OLED TVs, there is no reason not to get this 55-inch LG OLED TV that comes with all the best gaming features you need. For starters, it is a 4k resolution TV with a high definition range that uses Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10, and HLG.

It uses LG's webOS smart Tv software and a new Alpha 9 Gen 3 processor, plus the AI ThinQ software helps improve video processing and clarity. Also, thanks to the premium OLED technology, this TV is super light and thin for easier mounting.

This CX comes with superior features such as the HDMI 2.1 slot and a fast refresh rate of 120Hz. Additionally, it features other connectivity slots like the HDMI 2.0 slots, USB slots, and One composite slot.

The TV comes with an auto-low latency mode for the best gaming sessions. Also, works with Nvidia G-Sync and the open FreeSync so you can connect to your gaming system.

  • Pros
  • Extremely low input lag
  • Premium picture quality with premium HDR performance
  • Comes with a premium OLED panel
  • Features the HDMI 2.1 slot for console gamers
  • Allows you to connect your gaming PCs
  • Comes in an ultra-thin design
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Powerful operating systems and processors
  • Cons
  • Quite expensive

How To Choose The Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

a) Mouse Type

The best wireless mouse will have a rubberized or texturized grip with a contoured, ambidextrous design hence allowing you to easily and comfortably use it for long periods of time. There are other types of mice that might only be suitable for right-handed users so be sure to look out for mouse design. It is also important to take time to consider the size of the mouse in relation to the size of your hand. Having a mouse that’s too big or too small can have a big impact on your gaming and comfort. So it’s important to pick a mouse that fits you and your gaming or working style.

b) Battery Life

A large majority of keyboards and wireless mice are powered by AA or AAA batteries. There are a few that may be rechargeable and there are even some solar-powered options that only need light to operate hence you don’t have to worry about changing the batteries at all. The best wireless keyboards can usually run between 15 months and 3 years with one set of batteries.

The best wireless mouse options usually range between 8 months and 2 years. However, this is all dependent on how well you take care of your mouse and how much you use it. If you plan on using your wireless mouse frequently for gaming, make sure to select those with the longest battery life while also considering overall reliability.

c) Keyboard Shape and Design

Wireless keyboards come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, weights, and designs. If you are prone to wrist fatigue or you use your computer a lot, you should consider a wireless keyboard with a textured wrist rest and an ergonomic design. If an ergonomic keyboard is too expensive, you can always look for an adjustable keyboard. The aim is to ensure not to get repetitive strain injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that often requires surgery to fix.

For those that enjoy and prefer to keep their workspaces neat and as tidy as possible, there are plenty of options for simple, clean and slim keyboards. For those looking for the best gaming keyboard that will ensure that you are comfortable throughout your hours of gaming, you should be on the search for a powerfully constructed keyboard with integrated wrist rests.  

d) Key Switches

Keyboard switches have a significant impact on the life, performance as well as personality of the keyboard. There are three types of keyboard switches. Dome, Scissor, and Mechanical. 

Rubber dome switches place rubbery silicone below the keys hence to get softer buttons, you have to press all the way. They are less durable due to the wear and tear of the rubber. Scissor switches are the dwarf ones that you get on keyboards. They last longer than dome switches and work faster. Mechanical switches are what is most relevant for gamers. They are clicky, tactile ones that work at the slightest touch. They last the longest, can be easily replaced, and have the fastest performance. They are however the noisiest. The downside is that there are hardly any wireless keyboards and mouse combos that pack mechanical switches.

e) RF and Bluetooth Mouse

Though both transmit signals over 2.4GHz frequency, the RF mouse will make use of a USB connection in order to transfer the radio frequency signals instead of Bluetooth. A Bluetooth mouse, however, requires that you have working Bluetooth connectivity on your device. A USB-based mouse is compatible with any computer that has a USB port.

f) Key Features

A lot of keyboards come with a range of programmable hotkeys that allow you to assign certain buttons to open frequently used apps in a matter of seconds. There are some keyboards that also come with easy to access multimedia keys that allow you to adjust the volume, screen brightness and so much more without causing any disruption to what you are doing on the screen.

g) Price

When it comes to electronics, it all comes down to your budget. A keyboard and mouse is considered to be a consumable item. The aim is to work within your budget and find what works for you.