Best Gaming Podcasts for 2022



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Everyone likes a good podcast, what's even better is a good gaming podcast. While there are thousands if not millions of podcasts out there covering essentially every topic in the world - there are only a handful of great gaming podcasts to give a listen. In this roundup we put together the podcasts we think our readers should give a listen to in 2019. The following are in no particular order.

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What's Good Games

What makes What's Good Games unique is that it is hosted by three women. While gaming appeals equally to both women and men alike, industry leaders skew heavily male. This podcast is working toward eliminating that trend. Andrea, Kristine and Brittney have extensive credentials, working for previously for some of the most respected names in gaming and esports. By tuning in you'll find great info on the latest gaming trends, upcoming games, sales and esports. Episodes tend to be longer than your usual podcast, clocking in around 90 minute meaning you'll never be short of information when you tune in.


Anandtech Podcast

For those who love all things PC hardware, you can't get any better than the Anandtech podcast. These guys bring you the latest news and rumors regarding new PC parts and keep you up to date with the latest trends. If you are really into the nitty and the gritty when it comes to building a PC, give Anandtech podcast a listen. Unfortunately, the podcast is only produced every so often (it can be once a month, once every two weeks or none for a couple months). When there are episodes however, they are a whopping 90 minutes so you're getting a lot of info in each episode.


Gamers with Jobs

Gamers with Jobs is more than just a podcast. It is also a website providing insightful gaming news on a daily basis. The podcast is one of the best features of GWJ however. The weekly GWJ Conference Call discusses a wide range of topics including the latest games, the latest news and also has on guests from gaming studios. They recently featured Luca Redwood of Eighty Eight Games. This podcast takes an adult, mature tone on subjects often grappled with kid gloves.

The Secret Cabal

If you love listening to a casual conversation about gaming news outside of the mainstream, then you should pick up the Secret Cabal. In their own words "From inception, The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast was meant to capture the essence of the time’s Brian and Jamie spent sitting at the diner, drinking coffee and discussing gaming ad nauseum.". If that sounds like the type of podcast you would tune into, then put the Secret Cabal on your stream list in 2019.


Cheap Ass Gamer

The CagCast is similar to the Secret Cabal in that its a casual conversation between friends discussing less mainstream and mainstream goings-ons about gaming. Cheap Ass Gamer is definitely a passionate group of guys who love gaming and do a podcast because they just want to talk about gaming rather than trying to turn a buck. In addition to the CagCast, Cheap Ass Gamer has daily news articles, forums and tools like a price tracker.



Christian Spicer and Jeff Cannata are the duo behind DLC. The pair discuss the hot topic news about gaming while also bringing on experts every week as guests. An interesting feature of DLC is they take guest's phone calls during shows where listeners can agree or disagree with Christian and Jeff.


Game Informer Podcast

The Game Informer podcast is "a weekly recap of exciting releases, exclusive details on upcoming games, and in-depth interviews with developers.". As part of the GI brand, which is an extensive website full of gaming news and reviews, the production value is high. Every week you will get interesting and expert guests discussing a wide range of gaming topics with co-hosts Kyle Hilliard, Suriel Vazquez and Ben Hanson. If you like a consistently produced and high quality podcast, check out GI.