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Your budget can be a big strain when looking to buy a gaming PC. We know how frustrating it is to experience lagging and frame drops when gaming. For this reason, we have scoured low and high to find you the best gaming PC under $600, with options for a pre-built gaming PC and building your rig.

High performance is a requirement for any gaming PC. For $600, we will share with you the best pre-built gaming PCs within this budget that will provide adequate frames per second(fps) and prevent unnecessary lags as you play your favorite games.

If you are a tech nerd and prefer to build your rig, we got you covered. We have researched hardware components you will need to build your gaming computer from scratch. In addition, you will get to enjoy high gaming performance without compromising your budget.

Stick around to see our budget gaming PCs below.


What Is A Gaming PC?

If you are new to gaming, you may be wondering what a gaming PC is and why your personal computer is not the best for gaming. A gaming computer is specifically designed and manufactured for playing games to answer the question. Although they have the same parts as a personal computer, gaming PCs offer a higher performance by using specific gaming video cards and high-count CPUs.

There are two options available when looking for the best gaming PC under $600. A pre-built gaming PC or a built computer. Before we get into each option, let us look at the benefits of having a specific gaming computer.

Why Do You Need A Gaming PC?

  1. High Graphics Processing - Graphics are a big aspect of every gaming experience. With a gaming computer, you enjoy playing video games with high graphics, such as 4k, depending on the graphics cards you get.
  2. Flexible Gameplay Options - PC gaming allows you to choose how to play your favorite games. This could either be by using a gaming mouse and a keyboard or a gaming controller for a PC. Whichever you choose, this flexibility is a plus to your overall gaming experience.
  3. Easy to Upgrade - With a gaming computer, you can make simple upgrades like getting a new graphics card or processor to enjoy the latest PC games. Unlike using other gaming platforms, you do not need to get a new PC every couple of years to play new games.
  4. Affordable - Over time, gaming can end up being an expensive hobby. However, you get to save yourself money with a PC since it is long-lasting. Although some gaming computers cost thousands of dollars upfront, you can get the best pre-built gaming PCs on a budget or different hardware components and build your rig.
  5. Large Selection of Games - PC gaming gives you access to various games, which are only available for PC. Additionally, you can get some of these games for free to get a taste of them before buying.
  6. Easy Customization - A gaming desktop computer lets you customize your gaming experience as you wish. For instance, you could add a dual monitor, speakers or headsets to your setup to make it a better experience for you. Additionally, playing games on a computer allows you to customize the game itself by adding MODS. This is a cool feature only available on a gaming computer.
  7. Other Uses - Gaming computers are not only limited to gaming. You could use it for school, work and entertainment, all while enjoying a high and better performance.

Should You Get A Pre-Built Gaming PC or Build One For Yourself?

The best pre-built gaming PCs are available on the market with the hardware components already fitted. This simply means that the gaming PCs come in whole with specific hardware like graphic cards and processors. Unfortunately, prebuilt gaming PCs are often high priced, making it challenging to find a computer with a high gaming performance on a budget.

On the other hand, building your own computer involves sourcing the different hardware then putting everything together. However, parts are expensive these days. So, whether you're searching for the latest in CPU chips, the strongest of last gen's graphics, or a working human heart that's still in good condition, the buying market for home-builders is in rough shape.

You may wonder if it is even possible to get a good, high-quality gaming desktop experience in the modern age? Well, yes, yes it is. For this guide, I'll be using current console pricing as a framework for building a good, reliable computer that will last you for this generation–giving us a budget of under $600.

So, read on to learn what to look for when picking out the best pre-built gaming PC or build parts for your own nefarious purposes, and stick it to the retailers and miners who would have you pay more.

What is the best gaming pc under $600?

Best Pre-Built Gaming PCs Under $600

1. Acer Aspire TC-895-UA92 Desktop

Acer Aspire TC-895-UA92 Desktop, 10th Gen Intel Core i5-10400 6-Core Processor,...
2,238 Reviews
Acer Aspire TC-895-UA92 Desktop, 10th Gen Intel Core i5-10400 6-Core Processor,...
  • 10th Generation Intel Core i5-10400 6-Core Processor (Up to 4.3GHz)
  • 12GB 2666MHz DDR4 Memory; 512GB NVMe M.2 SSD; 8X DVD-Writer Double-Layer Drive...
  • Intel Wireless Wi-Fi 6 AX200 802.11ax Dual-Band 2.4GHz and 5GHz featuring 2x2...
  • 1 - USB 3.2 Type C Gen 1 port (up to 5 Gbps) (Front); 5 - USB 3.2 Gen 1 Ports (1...

Acer is a reputable brand when it comes to personal and gaming computers. This Acer Aspire TC-895-UA92 gaming desktop is the perfect addition for an incredible gaming experience. Although slightly above our $600 budget, the features in this computer make the extra bucks worth it.

Featuring the 10th generation Intel Core i5-10400, 6-Core Processor with a clock speed of up to 4.3GHz, this PC can process heavy and demanding applications and games. In addition, it has 12GB DDR4 RAM, which allows the computer to run multiple programs and games simultaneously.

In terms of storage, this Acer Aspire gaming computer system has a 512GB SSD hard drive, which is faster for gaming. Furthermore, the Integrated graphics 630 with a 0.1GB RAM size allows the computer to process data into gaming graphics fast enough to avoid lagging or crashing. In addition, this computer has Windows 10 Home operating system that is easy to use.

  • Pros
  • 12GB RAM
  • High clock speed processor
  • Uses SSD storage which is super fast
  • Intel Core i5-10400 processor
  • Supports both mouse and keyboard interface
  • Cons
  • The SSD storage is not enough for large games and applications

2. Lenovo ThinkCentre M93p Business Class Desktop

lenovo ThinkCentre M93p Business Class Desktop, Quad Core i7 4770 3.4Ghz, 16GB...
553 Reviews
lenovo ThinkCentre M93p Business Class Desktop, Quad Core i7 4770 3.4Ghz, 16GB...
  • Lenovo ThinkCentre M93p Desktop, Quad Core i7 4770 3.4Ghz, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 512GB...
  • All computers are loaded with a fresh install and activated Windows 10 with zero...
  • Customer Alert: Be sure to purchase this item from seller Deluxe PCs to ensure...
  • Contact us for volume discounts and business pricing!

The Lenovo ThinkCentre is an entry-level prebuilt gaming PC. With an Intel Core i7-4770 CPU processor, this computer can easily handle large files, games, and applications without causing any delays. In addition, the 16GB DDR3 RAM size is very convenient for running several applications simultaneously.

The Integrated graphics Intel HD 4600 lets you enjoy playing games in high graphics and constant frames per second. This, paired with the 512GB SSD storage, enhances faster and high-performance gameplay to do away with frustrations caused by lagging.

This Lenovo M93P gaming desktop has a Windows 10 Pro operating system. This makes it suitable for gaming and other tasks, including business and school.

  • Pros
  • 16GB RAM
  • Fast SSD storage
  • Integrated graphics
  • Multi-purpose
  • Windows 10 Pro OS
  • Cons
  • Does not support a gaming mouse to play games
  • Storage is not enough for several large games

3. Acer Aspire TC-390-UA91 Desktop

Acer Aspire TC-390-UA91 Desktop, AMD Ryzen 3 3200G Quad-Core Processor, AMD...
195 Reviews
Acer Aspire TC-390-UA91 Desktop, AMD Ryzen 3 3200G Quad-Core Processor, AMD...
  • AMD Ryzen 3 3200G Processor (4C/4T, 6MB cache, 4.0 GHz Max Boost) with Radeon...
  • 8GB 2666MHz DDR4 Memory | 512GB NVMe M.2 SSD | 8X DVD-Writer Double-Layer Drive...
  • 802.11ac WiFi 5 | Bluetooth 4.2 LE | 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN
  • 4 - USB 3.2 Gen 1 Ports (2 Front and 2 Rear) | 2 - USB 3.2 Gen 2 Ports (Rear) |...

Another best-prebuilt gaming PC on our list is this Acer Aspire TC-390-UA91 desktop. Suitable for personal, business or multimedia use, this good gaming PC has AMD Ryzen 3 3600G CPU to handle your games and large files. In addition, the 8GB installed RAM fits the required memory for efficient gaming.

To ensure that you don't miss any graphics when playing games, this computer features AMD Radeon Vega 8 graphics, making your gaming experience a breeze. Additionally, the 512GB NVMe SSD storage enhances your gaming speed and performance. In turn, this allows you to store your favorite games and open the applications when necessary.

This Acer Aspire desktop's sleek, stylish, and compact look is another thing to love. It also has a Windows 10 Home operating system which is easy and fast to load and use. In addition, you can choose to use the keyboard or gaming mouse to input instructions and control your gameplay.

  • Pros
  • AMD Ryzen CPU
  • AMD Radeon graphics
  • 8GB RAM
  • Easy to load operating system
  • Faster boot-up speed thanks to SSD storage
  • Expandable storage
  • Cons
  • The storage size could be more
  • Doesn't come with a power supply for the second SSD

4. Beelink Ryzen Mini PC SER3

Beelink Mini PC SER3 Windows 11 Pro, AMD Ryzen 7 3750H(up to 4GHz), 16GB DDR4...
274 Reviews
Beelink Mini PC SER3 Windows 11 Pro, AMD Ryzen 7 3750H(up to 4GHz), 16GB DDR4...
  • 【AMD Ryzen 7 Mini PC and Fuselage Designed】 Beelink SER3 ryzen mini pc...
  • 【Fully supports Windows 11 and High Capacity Storage 】This Beelink Ryzen...
  • 【Radeon RX Vega 10 Graphics GPU and Dual Display】With Vega 10 Graphics, SER3...
  • 【Multiple Wireless Connections and Interfaces】 With a Gigabit Ethernet LAN...

This Beelink Ryzen Mini gaming computer is designed in such a way that it serves other personal uses aside from gaming. It has an AMD Quad-Core Ryzen 7 3750H with a clock speed of up to 4GHz CPU processor to ensure it handles all tasks, including your work and gaming needs. In addition, it has a 16GB installed RAM size, adequate to process data and temporarily store it in real-time.

This Mini prebuilt PC has AMD Radeon RX Vega 10 graphics and a triple display. In turn, this ensures that you can play games in Ultra HD visual effects like 4k. In addition, this makes this PC suitable for other uses like modeling, 3D rendering and photo editing.

In terms of storage, this Beelink SER3 mini Ryzen PC has 512GB NVMe SSD storage for high performance. This gives this computer enough storage and power to enjoy games and work. Additionally, this computer's metallic cover, tubes, fan, and components ensure a good aesthetic while still providing optimal performance.

  • Pros
  • Upgradeable RAM up to 64GB
  • AMD Ryzen core processor for high performance
  • Ultra-high graphics card including 4K
  • Powerful SSD storage
  • Windows 11 operating system
  • Expandable storage to 2TB
  • Supports wireless connections and interface
  • Metallic body dissipates heat fast to cool the prebuilt PC
  • Compatible with other operating systems like Linux
  • Cons
  • Produces some noise when running multiple programs

5. Dell Inspiron Desktop

Dell Inspiron Desktop, Intel Core i3-8100, Intel UHD 630, 1TB HDD Storage, 8GB...
290 Reviews
Dell Inspiron Desktop, Intel Core i3-8100, Intel UHD 630, 1TB HDD Storage, 8GB...
  • From basic computing needs to gaming entertainment center, the Inspiron small...
  • The available built-in DVD Drive lets you burn videos and music onto...
  • The small desktop comes with Fast and long range 802. 11 Wireless technology for...
  • Six USB ports including two super speed USB 3. 1 Gen 1 Type-A ports plus a...

Another favorite prebuilt gaming PC under $600 is this Dell Inspiron Desktop. With an Intel Core i3-8100, this computer can process basic computing needs and excel in gaming entertainment. Additionally, the 8GB installed RAM efficiently processes applications and games fast to avoid lagging and frame rate drops.

To ensure that you don't miss out on the graphics when playing your favorite PC games, this computer has an Intel UHD Graphics 630 graphics coprocessor. In addition, you will find the 1TB HDD storage to be enough to store large games, applications and other files.

When it comes to the design, this Dell Inspiron computer has a small and compact size to ensure that it doesn't take up so much space in your office or game room. It is also a breeze to install windows on this computer system since it uses Windows 10 Home operating system.

  • Pros
  • 1TB HDD storage
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM for faster performance and load time
  • Intel Core i3 UHD Graphics 630
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Windows 10 Home Operating System
  • Cons
  • HDD storage may take time to load demanding games

6. Gaming PC Desktop Computer Genesis Design

Custom Gaming PC Desktop Computer by Kepler Systems i5 2500 3.30ghz, 8GB DDR3...
319 Reviews
Custom Gaming PC Desktop Computer by Kepler Systems i5 2500 3.30ghz, 8GB DDR3...
  • Intel Core i5-2500 3.30 Ghz
  • Geforce GTX 750 ti 2GB GDDR5 128Bit
  • 8GB DDR3 Ram
  • 500 GB SSD Drive

The best-prebuilt gaming desktops do not have to compromise the design and aesthetics of the computer. For example, this Genesis Series Design gaming PC by Kepler Systems has LED lights that make the computer look fun and aesthetic. This is unlike other gaming PCs we have seen in our reviews so far.

This PC features an Intel Core i5-2500 core processor and can handle gaming, entertainment, and other tasks without slowing down. The 3. 30GHz clock speed is fast to run processes fast and easily. In addition, the 8GB RAM allows you to run several applications simultaneously without crashing.

Another interesting feature about this prebuilt PC under $600 is that it utilizes a GeForce GTX 750 2GB GDDR5 128Bit graphics processor. The graphics RAM type is DDR3 SDRAM, so you know that it will run most games, if not all, without dropping the image frames per second. In addition, the 500GB SSD drive is perfect for faster loading speed.

  • Pros
  • Has a GeForce GTX graphics card
  • Intel Core i5 desktop PC
  • Has an 8GB RAM for handling several applications at the same time
  • Fast and efficient 500GB SSD storage
  • Cons
  • The storage space may not be enough for bulk applications and computer files

7. Beelink SER3 Mini PC Window 10 Pro

Beelink SER3 Mini PC Window 10 Pro, Mini Computer AMD Ryzen 7 3750H(up to 4GHz)...
17 Reviews
Beelink SER3 Mini PC Window 10 Pro, Mini Computer AMD Ryzen 7 3750H(up to 4GHz)...
  • 【AMD Ryzen 7 3750H high performance】 Beelink SER3 mini desktop computer...
  • 【Ultra HD 4K@60Hz & triple screen display】 Beelink SER3 mini computer with...
  • 【Larger and scalable】Beelink SER3 mini computer is equipped with DDR4 16GB...
  • 【Unique design & professional heat dissipation】 Beelink SER3 mini desktop...

If you liked the first mini pre-built PC in our review above, you might also love this Beelink SER3 gaming computer. It has an AMD Ryzen 7 3750H CPU processor, ensuring high performance and faster speed as you open your applications. In addition, the 16GB installed RAM size is more than enough to run multiple programs simultaneously. Plus, if you need to, you can expand it to 64GB if you want to run your PC on high settings.

Beelink SER3 mini under $600 gaming PC ensures that you do not miss any graphics when playing your favorite games. For this reason, it has a Radeon RX Vega 10 Graphics processor that supports Ultra HD 4K gaming at 60Hz. In addition, you also get to experience triple screen displays and an even better gaming visual experience.

It is important to think of the games you play, applications you use, and other works you do on your laptop when it comes to storage. This way, you can approximate how much storage space you will need. For example, the Beelink SER3 Mini PC has 512GB NVMe SSD storage, expandable to a 2TB HDD.

The unique design of this under $600 gaming PC makes it stand out from others on the market. The metallic and built-in copper helps to dissipate heat and cool your computer. Additionally, the unique and compact design is great for space-saving.

  • Pros
  • 16GB expandable RAM
  • 512GB SSD storage which is expandable to 2TB HDD
  • Compact size enhances portability
  • Supports triple screen display
  • Ultra 4K graphics
  • Compatible with various operating systems like Windows, Ubuntu and Linux
  • Cons
  • It could be a little noisy when running on max settings

8. Acer Aspire TC-885-UA92 Desktop

Acer Aspire TC-885-UA92 Desktop, 9th Gen Intel Core i5-9400, 12GB DDR4, 512GB...
1,560 Reviews
Acer Aspire TC-885-UA92 Desktop, 9th Gen Intel Core i5-9400, 12GB DDR4, 512GB...
  • 9th Generation Intel Core i5-9400 Processor (Up to 4. 1GHz)
  • 12GB DDR4 Memory, 512GB SSD & 8x DVD-Writer Double-Layer Drive (DVD-RW)
  • 802. 11AC Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet LAN & Bluetooth 5. 0
  • 1 - USB 3. 1 Type C Gen 2 port (up to 10 Gaps), 1 - USB 3. 1 Gen 2 port, 1 - USB...

Although it is a few bucks over $600, this Acer Aspire is a good addition to your gaming arsenal. With a 9th generation Intel Core i5-9400 CPU processor with a 4.1GHz clock speed, you can play most games on this PC without lagging or failing. In addition, the 12GB installed RAM ensures that you have your school or work tabs open and your gaming or entertainment at the same time.

The Intel UHD Graphics 630 ensures that you don't miss anything while playing games. In addition, the 512GB SSD storage prevents slow loading speeds and lagging, which can be so frustrating. Finally, this prebuilt PC is compatible with Windows 10 Home operating system so you can run your business, personal activities and enjoy gaming all in one place.

  • Pros
  • Fast and high-performance CPU
  • 12GB RAM5
  • 12GB SSD storage for a fast loading speed
  • Great for personal, business and gaming needs
  • Cons
  • Slightly above the $600 budget


9. HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, Intel Core i5-10400F, 8 GB...
748 Reviews
HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, Intel Core i5-10400F, 8 GB...
  • FREE UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 11 (1) (when available, see below)
  • CUSTOMIZABLE AND COMPACT – This sleek, space-saving tower allows you to expand...
  • 4K READY – Outstanding performance and immersive multimedia entertainment with...
  • STUNNING GRAPHICS – With the all-new NVIDIA Turing architecture and 4 GB GDDR5...

As much as our article focuses on the best-prebuilt gaming PC under $600, we have added one bonus option under $800 if you think of upping your budget. This HP Pavilion gaming desktop has an Intel Core i5-10400F CPU processor powerful enough to handle large applications.

To ensure that you experience stunning graphics when playing your favorite games, this PC has NVIDIA Turing architecture thanks to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card. In turn, this ensures that you have a fast, smooth and efficient gaming performance. Additionally, the 4GB GDDR5 graphics memory gives it the power to run efficiently.

The best-prebuilt gaming PC should have the ability to run multiple programs simultaneously. For this reason, this HP Pavilion has an 8GB DDR4 RAM that ensures your games and applications don't lag. In addition, the 256GB NVMe M.2 SSD storage provides faster performance than a traditional hard drive disk.

HP has made this PC pretty simple and compact when it comes to design. The sleek tower is space-saving, upgradeable and customizable. There are also LED lights that make the computer aesthetically pleasing.

  • Pros
  • Intel Core i5-10400F processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card with a 4GB graphics memory
  • 8GB RAM
  • Fast and powerful 256GB SSD storage
  • Compact designLED lights for aesthetics
  • Cons
  • The SSD storage is not enough to store large files and applications

How Do You Choose the Best Pre-Built Gaming PC Under $600?

Even though your budget doesn't allow you to get the high-end gaming PCs, you could still enjoy high performance and graphics with the best gaming PC under $600. However, below are a few features you need to be on the lookout for.

a). Processor/CPU

The processor is the most important part of your prebuilt gaming PC. A powerful processor ensures that your computer can handle heavy and demanding games without lagging or crashing. In addition, you need a processor with overclocking abilities. This is because it will define whether your graphics card will be jammed or not.

b). Graphics Card(GPU)

When it comes to the graphics card, you need to ensure that your prebuilt gaming PC has a powerful chip. This is because the graphics card in a solid gaming PC helps process the graphics in applications and video games. For this reason, gaming desktops with a powerful GPU can process graphics in video games currently available and those released in the future.

Sometimes you will find a prebuilt gaming PC with an old or unsatisfactory graphics card. In this case, you will need to replace the graphics card with a more updated chip compatible with your PC.

The best-prebuilt gaming PCs will have one of two graphics cards, the Nvidia GeForce GPU or AMD Radeon RX graphics card. These allow you to enjoy at least 60fps(frames per second) at 1080p, which is acceptable for a good gaming experience.

c). RAM

The RAM enables your prebuilt gaming PC to process and store data in real-time. This also helps to determine the speed and performance of your PC for gaming. Before getting a new gaming PC, ensure that the RAM( random access memory) is 8GB. Doing so will provide your graphics card with adequate power to handle multiple games or applications simultaneously. In turn, this gives optimal performance and an enjoyable gaming experience.

However, you may need to upgrade your RAM to play the latest games with the ever-changing gaming demands.

d). Storage

The storage or ROM( read-only memory) is important for storing applications, instructions and other files on your computer. There are two storage options available in a prebuilt gaming PC. These are the HDD(hard disk drive) or SSD(solid-state drive).

Most of the best-prebuilt gaming PCs will have a hard disk drive. This is because HDDs have a large storage capacity. But unfortunately, they have a slower speed which may cause your applications to lag. On the other hand, SSD storage, although faster, has a smaller space or footprint.

We recommend opting for a hybrid storage solution to get the best performance with gaming desktops. This means that you have an HDD and SSD to increase storage space and speed simultaneously. For example, you could have a 2TB HDD paired with a 256GB SSD or a 1TB HDD and a 120GB SSD.

Best Gaming PC Build Under $600

Each PC comes with seven core parts, that is, parts that are functionally required for the Gaming Desktop PC build to work. I'll list them all below, with my choice for headlining budget option for our build here, but I want you to go in prepared, so I'll put a brief write-up here for those interested. Scroll on if you already know these core parts or just want to see the list.

If you don't want to create your gaming pc build, scroll to the bottom to see what I have chosen for the pre-built option. I am very happy with what I found.

Processor – The thinking engine of any modern PC and the driving force. The CPU is required to get everything in running order–to put the" computer" in "gaming computer." Measured in gigahertz as a unit of speed across multiple cores of power.

Graphics Card – A separate processing core solely for pushing visuals to your screen or monitor. This will often be the most expensive part of a gamer's rig–and for a good reason.

Memory – Sticks of temporary storage the gaming desktop computer uses to stay agile. Data is stored in RAM sticks while being shuffled around your CPU. Think of these like 'pockets'; they can't hold as much as your house, but you also don't need to drive home every time you need to pay for gum.

The Motherboard – This is where all of the above parts will live, where they need to attach to work and become one central unit. It's also where everything connects; housing this and everything on it is why we need a case.

Storage Suite – At the basic level, this will be a hard drive, with more or less storage space and slower or faster spin-up times to move things there. If you're willing to drop more money, you can get a 'solid-state' drive, which doesn't spin and works faster overall but comes at an extreme cost increase per terabyte of space.

Power Supply – Inarguably the most important part of the PC. The power supply or PSU is simply what diverts power to all the parts of your PC, and without it, there is no PC. Unfortunately, cheap pre-built gaming computers you buy often skimp on these; I would only do so at your peril, as a bad PSU can cause loading issues, shutdowns, or even small fires.

The Case – The skin, the shell, the outside. The case, the last and somewhat optional component of any computer is also subject to opinions on aesthetics and size. However, inside of each case are some important points to note.

Benefits of Building Your Own Gaming Computer

  1. Cost-efficient - Unlike buying a prebuilt gaming computer, opting for a gaming PC build is often more affordable and cost-efficient. Additionally, you can build your rig based on your specific gaming wants and needs, rather than having unnecessary hardware with a prebuilt.
  2. Easy to Upgrade - since you are familiar with each hardware part in your gaming PC build and installed, it is easy to monitor the performance. In turn, you can replace or upgrade parts, especially if you are an avid gamer. Unfortunately, it may be challenging to replace components of a prebuilt PC, especially if you have never done a custom build before.
  3. Better Cooling System - One of the major problems with prebuilt PCs is the cooling system. These PCs have all the hardware parts crammed in a compact space, have no fans, or the cables are blocking airflow in the PC. However, when building your under $600 gaming PC, you could add extra fans and enhance cable management to allow airflow. In turn, this ensures the longevity of your build by preventing overheating.
  4. Learn A New Skill - Building your gaming computer from scratch is not many people's skill. However, taking up this challenge allows you to learn valuable skills so that you don't need to pay high costs to replace or upgrade certain components.
  5. High-Quality Parts - Unfortunately, in an attempt to maximize their profits, brands sometimes use low-quality parts such as RAM, hard drives and power supplies in the prebuilt PCs. In turn, this reduces the machine's longevity, forcing you to acquire a new one sooner or later. However, when individual sourcing components for your gaming rig, you know which components you need in your computer system, hence the need to get high-quality parts.
  6. Removes Bloatware - It is not uncommon to notice that your under $600 gaming PC is running slow within the first year of buying it. This is usually because of bloatware, unnecessary software and applications on your computer installed by the manufacturer. In addition, bloatware slows down the overall performance of your PC. On the other hand, when building your gaming computer, you get to determine which software to install, reducing bloatware.

With that out of the way, let's begin.

1) AMD Ryzen 7 5700G 8-Core

AMD Ryzen 7 5700G 8-Core, 16-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor with Radeon...
37 Reviews
AMD Ryzen 7 5700G 8-Core, 16-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor with Radeon...
  • Play some of the most popular games at 1080p with the fastest processor graphics...
  • 8 Cores and 16 processing threads, bundled with the AMD Wraith Stealth cooler
  • 4.6 GHz Max Boost, unlocked for overclocking, 20 MB cache, DDR4-3200 support
  • For the advanced Socket AM4 platform. Maximum Operating Temperature...

The AMD Ryzen CPU is an amazing 8-core processor, tailor-made for our build. Doubling up as a CPU and GPU (Radeon graphics). It is well built and sizeable when it comes to the size of the build as well. However, it still holds up; with a boost of 4.6GHz and a clock speed of 3.8GHz, you will be sure to run games with a smooth performance, even at 1080p.

Because of its price, You might feel its budget price being higher, but once you pay and explore how much it cost when you open the box, put it into your machine and load up a game, you won't find a trace of that bargain pricing anywhere. Therefore, we recommend this processor, and the money you use here will benefit the machine down the line.

2) MotherboardGIGABYTE B450M DS3H V2

1,397 Reviews
  • Supports AMD 3rd Gen Ryzen/ 2nd Gen Ryzen/ 1st Gen Ryzen/ 2nd Gen Ryzen with...
  • Dual Channel Non-ECC Unbuffered DDR4, 4 DIMMs
  • Feature Digital VRM Solution with Low RDS(on) MOSFETs
  • HDMI, DVI-D Ports for Multiple Display

This is quite literally where it all comes together. I had several options here, so I went through the entire rest of the build piece by piece to make sure it would work well together, and then I picked the best motherboard for all of it together, on a cost-to-performance ratio. To that end, it's hard to beat the B450M Gigabyte Motherboard for our purposes. It's a great budget offering from a well-known company, allowing the builder to upgrade the setup down the line.  And it's a Micro ATX board, so even if you want to get a more compact case, this motherboard will be ready.

Technically speaking, the B450M has everything we need for our price range and offers a lot of stability when involving other PC components. With enough PCI express slots and SATA support, it allows current and future upgrades and fully supports all components. 

3) SSD: Crucial BX500 480 GB

Crucial BX500 480GB 3D NAND SATA 2.5-Inch Internal SSD, up to 540MB/s -...
28,814 Reviews
Crucial BX500 480GB 3D NAND SATA 2.5-Inch Internal SSD, up to 540MB/s -...
  • Boot up faster. Load files quicker. Improve overall system responsiveness
  • 300% faster than a typical hard drive
  • Improves battery life because it’s 45x more energy efficient than a typical...
  • Micron 3D NAND – Advancing the world's memory and storage technology for 40...

Vital, yet cheap and effective. 480 gigabytes may not seem like much for a modern SSD, but the real key to this drive is its 540Mbs read speed. It gives fast loading speeds and booting times as well. That means that you might feel like you have lost a bit of storage, but you take a huge chunk off the price for that while keeping your pc fast and reliable. Of course, it's also cheap and easy to upgrade to something more substantial as an option if your budget allows, but you can't beat something this worthwhile for the low, low.

It does its job well, and 480 gigs are nothing to sneeze at. Unless you want to; it's your hard drive, I won't stop you.

4) TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z 16GB Kit

TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z DDR4 16GB Kit (2x8GB) 3600MHz (PC4-28800) CL18...
7,193 Reviews
TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z DDR4 16GB Kit (2x8GB) 3600MHz (PC4-28800) CL18...
  • Simple design to perfectly protect the cooling module
  • High thermal conductive adhesive
  • Supports Intel & AMD motherboards
  • Selected high-quality IC, Supports XMP2.0

Another offering from a company I've used several times before is a cousin of the RAM in the machine I'm currently using at home. Team Group has done a good job, providing a good line of chips that has always managed the balance between price and performance. Adding this will provide us with a 16 GB board of DDR4 memory clocked at 3600MHz, easily on par with modern gaming offerings. It will give us the ability to play higher-end games as well.

5) EVGA BQ 80+ Bronze 500W Semi Modular PSU

EVGA 110-BQ-0500-K1, 500 Bq, 80+ Bronze 500W, Semi Modular, FDB Fan, 3 Year...
1,278 Reviews
EVGA 110-BQ-0500-K1, 500 Bq, 80+ Bronze 500W, Semi Modular, FDB Fan, 3 Year...
  • EVGA 500 BQ "great quality, Great value"
  • 80 plus Bronze certified, with 85 percentage efficiency or higher under typical...
  • Fan Size/ Bearing: 120 millimeter fluid Dynamic Bearing quiet and intelligent...
  • Heavy duty protections, including OVP, UVP, OCP, OPP, and SCP

As I've said before, and as I will continue to say for the rest of my days–you can't skimp on the PSU if you want to have a good PC build. After picking a reputable brand with a good name for itself and the wattage, you'll need, at the bare minimum, you need to make sure that your power supply is at least 80+ Bronze rated. This measures the efficiency and overall quality of the components used and the build inside and guarantees a minimum of 80% power efficiency through the draw. This makes sure your system works better, helps keep it cool, and means you'll have an overall much better time, especially since it means your machine probably won't catch fire.

The EVGA BQ is, naturally, a 500 watt PSU with an 80+ Bronze certification, which effectively won't get you much less than anything Silver or Gold rated, especially in a build with such a low total cost in power as we have here. It's also a semi-modular power supply, but it comes with easier cable indulgence due to its case. Significant help in cable control and keeping the interior clean and manageable. And for our build, 500w is more than enough to keep us supplied in power and ready to go

6) Case: Zalman S4 Mid ATX Tower

Zalman S4 ATX Mid Tower Gaming PC Case,2 (Two) x 120mm Pre- Installed Fans,...
23 Reviews
Zalman S4 ATX Mid Tower Gaming PC Case,2 (Two) x 120mm Pre- Installed Fans,...
  • Bezel Design For Optimal Airflow
  • Full Acrylic Tinted Side Panel Shows Your Custom System In Style
  • High-Strength Chasis and Premium Black Coating for Corrosion Protection
  • User Friendly Case I/O

Before I begin, I need to explain something about your choice of case. The choice is important because it also chooses the outside design of your case. And even then, if aesthetics don't exactly matter to you, you still have a wealth of low-budget offerings that can get as cheap as twenty bucks on sale for some surprisingly good cases. But, this is an endeavor, as the case has so many different features that it's hard to pick a single catch-all case in any price range that will satisfy every customer. However, I have made my choice below, and I feel like if you were to just go for the Zalman S4 Mid ATX Tower, you'd be fine.

This is a fantastic and beautiful case with a considerable market share and many good reasons. These days, any case will set you back at least a modest amount with all the 120mm fan pin checks, helping run any setup that will fit inside. However, it also has a few extra slots for those that want more airflow or the addition of cooling features. Also, it's got a host of the expected features; drives and bays, internal space, USB 3.1, the works. It's even a Mid ATX format with its size, allowing you enough room to work with for many builds and upgrades. Overall, a solid recommendation.

How Do You Choose the Best Gaming PC Build Parts Under $600?

1. Overclocking

Overclocking allows you to run the processor at a higher speed than recommended. This is one feature that makes building your own rig better than getting a prebuilt gaming PC. However, if you wish to overclock your gaming PC build, you must have the right hardware. For example, a cooling solution like a stock cooler is essential in your build to prevent overheating and damaging your new gaming PC.

2. Upgradeability

When building your own gaming rig, you must ensure your hardware components are upgradeable and future-proof. This ensures that upgrading the various components to fit the requirements of new games is not difficult.

3. Ease of Build

A custom-built gaming rig should be easy to assemble, even as a first-time builder. However, you should also note that some custom builds will be more challenging and time-consuming than others. Fortunately for you, our custom-built hardware components are pretty straightforward, making your work even easier.

4. Other Uses

Gaming aside, you need to ensure that your custom powerful gaming PC can handle other tasks efficiently. This may include handling heavy workloads or multitasking.

5. Aesthetics

Most gamers do not consider aesthetics a big part when building a gaming rig. This is mostly because aesthetically pleasing hardware, say with tapered glass, often has a steep price that falls above our $600 gaming PC budget. However, if you wish to pimp your PC, adding RGB fans or lighting strips will come a long way.

Final Thoughts

If you opted for our custom build above, I feel like it's safe to say this is a good, final build for this level of power. We managed to get everything major, splurge just a little, and throw together a cost-effective build that will do everything we need to do right out of the box without breaking the bank. And I even left a thirty-dollar flex gap for minor cost increases or any starting budget games you may want to buy–but I also didn't include any of the numerous sales or offers currently on these parts at the time of writing. That would have taken another $55 off of the price–and if you shop around, you might be able to scrape up the same in rebates and sales. With another $100 free, you could drop it anywhere in the build you want, be it getting a bigger case, a future-proof motherboard, etc. The world is your oyster.

However, if you don't have the time or knowledge to build your own gaming rig for under $600, the best-prebuilt budget gaming PCs will offer you high in-game performance and zero lags. However, if you choose this path, keep in mind that you might need to upgrade some hardware parts to make them future-proof. For this reason, I recommend going for a custom build that is upgradeable, future-proof and will not cost you any more money after the first investment for an immersive gaming experience.