Best Gaming PC Under $300 – (Cheapest) 2018 Edition


Did you know that building your Gaming PC has many benefits? it’s way more fun, allows you to upgrade easily in the future, saves you money, makes fixing things in the future simple and girls love guys who build their own Gaming PC’s. Okay, that last one was a lie, but everything else I wrote is true!

No money, no honey

If you are reading this, I’m going to take a wild guess that you’re broke or don’t have a lot of cash to part with. That’s fine; I understand people in that position because I used to be there myself growing up. That's why I have written this guide. The truth is that building a gaming pc for under $300 really isn’t going to give you a super amazing great build (something other guides won’t tell you) and in fact if you ask some people if it’s possible to build a gaming pc for 300 dollars then they might even just start laughing uncontrollably in your face. Those people can suck it; this build will let you play games like PubG, Fortnite, Dota and League. Just make sure to turn your in-game settings down to about 720p or 60 FPS, and you’ll be good to go.

Best Gaming PC Under $300

This build features an Intel Pentium G4400 processor, Gigabyte GA-H110M-A motherboard and sexy glass panel Rosewill case to wrap around your budget hardware. Also keep in mind that since you’re building your own build, you can easily take out parts in the future and sell them on eBay for example. When you’ve got a bit more spending money, then you can buy more powerful components to replace them which is a beautiful thing. If you are an individual who is extremely fat, lazy or technologically inept, then I would suggest scrolling to the bottom of this page and checking out the refurbished pre-built PC. If you are none of these things then keep on reading, we are about to go on an epic journey together and I'm going to be more serious about things.

$337 Estimate

Price fluctuates daily. Check the latest most up to date price on Amazon.**



Our choice of a motherboard is entry level but will still give you excellent performance and at the most economical price possible considering our budget. The manufacturing company GIGABYTE does not only sell motherboard's but offers after sale services and technical support in case anyone has issues with their tech. The design of the GIGABYTE GA-H110M-A motherboard allows for upgrades and can support other processors if you wanted to install them in future upgrades. By choosing this motherboard we can also avoid needing to have a BIOS setup when making future upgrades which is another reason I chose it.

2) Gigabyte GeForce GT 1030


Considering the 300$ budget, this is the most ideal and best value money component to power our graphics. It really is an excellent graphics card. On a more negative note, the Shortage of GPU and the overall effect it has had on the prices have hindered the device from attainting parity with other devices in the market. Like I mentioned previously, to get optimum functionality on these budget graphic cards, you are going to need to lower the settings to maximize the performance. To cut down on costs, you could also consider acquiring the GT 1030 second-hand since it will give you the same level of performance. Just head over to Amazon if you want to do that.

3) EVGA 450 bt 80+ Bronze-Certified PSU


The PSU packs some serious power under the hood. For a device with such excellent craftsmanship, it only incorporates the use of basic modularity features. Due to the basic modularity features, it does unfortunately emit some extra heat and also consumes more power while in operation. The heating issue can, however, be resolved with the use of dual case fans. The installation process may also prove to be tedious when having to sort out the mass of cables that come with this component. If you want to avoid that, choose the pre-built option at the bottom of this guide.

Compared to other companies, the EVGA is a cheaper alternative. The low price is however not an indicator of inferior quality. Over the years the company has built a reputation for manufacturing powerful and durable GPU and PSUs. The component also comes with a Bronze certified power supply unit.

4) Patriot Memory Viper 4GB RAM


I intentionally settled for a basic DDR4 RAM and a motherboard that had enough room to allow for future upgrades. The basic 4GB RAM that comes with the device is sufficient enough for basic multitasking tasks but will fall short on a 1080p gaming performance. Here is a tip though, to improve the overall performance, you could add to the RAM by purchasing an extra RAM stick. Even with the slight dip in performance when using a single RAM stick, the Patriot’s 4GB RAM is quite reliable and comes at a very cheap price which as you have guessed by now is a huge factor with this build.

5) Hitachi Ultrastar 1TB


When coming up with the CPU the cost of storage was way cheaper compared to the last time I planned an upgrade. With the pricing in mind, a fell speed 1TB hard drive was the ideal storage capacity to settle for. Such storage capacity is sufficient and gives you enough space to store games and other media you may have. It may fall short of SSD superior quality but based on the budget it will be sufficient to start with.

6) Intel Pentium G4400


Even with the high GPU prices currently in the market, this Pentium processor stands out as a performer due to the solid build quality. The Pentium G4400 has excellent performance and is a budget component that is going to give you superb service without the need for an immediate upgrade. Even with the room to upgrade the device, experts recommend users to not upgrade past the GTX 1060. Upgrades past this model are usually accompanied by CPU performance challenges, and it would be wise to avoid them as they can interfere with the overall gaming experience.



I really love this case, it’s not the most flashy or expensive but there is a lot to like. It has a very efficient cooling mechanism that relies on two fans that control the intake and the exhaust of the cooling system. The case is quite unique in the sense that it is very compact while still boasting gorgeous aesthetics. As an addition, the case has a side window panel that gives a clear view of the interior. With all those features it is worth every penny. If you are still here reading this, thank you. If you get stuck building your PC with the components in this guide, you can let me know in the comments.

BONUS: Pre Built HP Option


If you aren't interested in building your own Gaming PC, due to the complexities or length of time it takes, that is entirely understandable, and you should know that you are not alone. Sometimes for a lot of people a one-time payment and receiving a plug and play PC is the best option. I have decided to include the HP Z210 here in this guide due to the massive amount of quality you get for the price. It is quad core i7, has 16gb of DDR3 Ram, warranty and even comes with a mouse and keyboard. The one thing I will be upfront about is that it is a refurbished PC.

Don't let that put you off however because the fact is that for this budget it is going to hard, if not impossible to find a pre-built gaming PC with better specs for the price. Be quick though, the stock is limited, and with Christmas around the corner, this PC will be gone in no time.


You may also have a mouse and keyboard laying around, getting a gaming mouse or keyboard does make a big difference though. Whether that be due to mouse click speed in an fps game or the mechanical keyboard click to change your weapons, the mili-seconds a piece of gaming tech can save you could win you a game.

Adding things like a Mouse, Keyboard & Monitor to our $300 build will increase our overall budget, there is no way around it. We can, however, find the most budget high-quality options which is exactly what I have done. 


HP Pavilion 21.5-Inch IPS LED HDMI VGA Monitor (22cwa)
Hewlett Packard - Personal Computers
from $195.97

Monitors aren’t the cheapest part of a build, but it is possible to get one under 100 dollars which I proved in this guide. The number monitor I chose in that post was the HP Pavilion. Because of the price I am by no means saying this monitor is excellent and you should note that the durability is questionable. Regardless it does have it’s good points! It is 21.5 inches in size, has a 7 millisecond response time and has good reviews online from other gamers. I like the picture quality on the HP Pavilion.


The Hiraly F300 is by far the best budget mouse I’ve ever come across, and I am astounded at how cheap it is. It has a total of 9 programmable buttons and has Multi Color Breathing light. You only need to take a look at the reviews to see why I like it so much.


The K552 KUMARA is a high-quality mechanical keyboard from Redragon. I first heard about their mice and later found out about this keyboard when Devon put it in the number 1 spot in one of our guides here on It is exceptionally well built and very compact taking up minimal space on your desk. It is Cherry MX Blue, and the keys are removable for when you want to clean or replace them.


Logitech S120 2.0 Stereo Speakers
Logitech - Personal Computers

If you don’t want to use your headset (headset vs speakers) then there a lot of different speaker options out there. These bestseller Logitech-S120 speakers provide a good quality bass sound while at the same time taking up a minimal amount of room.


I would recommend the TP-Link AC1200 Archer T4U or either just getting a cheap ethernet cable which also has the advantage of faster connection speed.

Operating System

For this $300 build, you’re going to need to need an operating system, I hope you didn’t forget about that. You can either purchase a windows license or if you are a little bit more technical, you can go down the Linux route. 

This build doesn’t include an optical drive for various reasons so I would recommend you 1) Get an empty usb drive 2) install the windows media creation tool and install that way 🙂 It’s not tricky since Microsoft give you clear instructions after you begin the install.

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  1. Wow thanks for this! Didn’t even think it was possible to build a gaming pc at such a low price. To be honest I don’t think I’ll copy this build 100% but I’m definitely going to use the majority of it 🙂

        1. The motherboard in this build is fine imho. Don’t see why you would swap it out and don’t think you can find one better.

  2. Can I still build this for 300 dollars? I see that the prices are constantly changing. I need a good a gaming PC but I’ve not got a lot of money right now.

    1. You can check the latest price by clicking on the “Latest Build Price” button at the bottom of this post. It will show you the checkout price. The price does fluctuate quite frequently but as I am sure you know, that is out of our control. We will try to keep this guide as up to date as possible and as close to the 300 dollar budget as we can.

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