Best Gaming Mouse Pad Under $50, $30 and $15



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Imagine this, you've spent countless hours reading all of the best gaming guides out there looking for a gaming mouse, narrowed your favorite choices down to two or three, chosen the more expensive one then once it has arrived realized that it sucks because your mouse pad is terrible. This was a true story for me and inspired me to write this guide. It's really important to get a good mouse pad for your great gaming mouse as the two things are very important to each other. If you want the best mouse pad then take a look at this list of gaming mouse pads I have put together for you and find something inside your budget.


Best Gaming Mouse Pad Under $50

Razer Firefly Chroma

Razer Firefly Chroma Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad: Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting
2,262 Reviews
Razer Firefly Chroma Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad: Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting
  • The Razer Firefly features a hard, micro-textured finish for the perfect balance...
  • Razer Chroma gives more personalization options with 16. 8 million colors and...
  • The precise, consistent surface offers you ultimate precision and complete...


This is my top recommendation for the gamers out there looking to get a premium mouse pad for a top tier gaming mouse but just know there also other options in this guide for everyone. The stand out feature me has to be the RGB lighting which definitely makes this mouse pad stand out from all the others. If you install their free software then you are also able to adjust the color schemes for the pad and make it do cool patterns. The second stand out feature that is actually useful and not just good looking is the materials this mouse pad is made out of, you really have to feel it to believe it. I have never had a mouse move so smoothly before and that is down to the micro texture used to build this mouse pad.

  • Pros
  • RGB lighting
  • Micro textured
  • Good for esports players
  • Plug and Play
  • Good Size
  • Cons
  • Software quite basic
  • Reports of the product defective

Best Gaming Mouse Pad Under $30

Corsair MM30


Corsair MM300 - Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad - High-Performance Mouse Pad...
17,365 Reviews
Corsair MM300 - Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad - High-Performance Mouse Pad...
  • Superior control: Textile weave surface designed for pixel precise targeting and...
  • No fray, No fuss: Surrounded stitched edges guard against surface peeling for...
  • Accurate plus Precise: Optimized for both laser and optical gaming mice
  • Zero slip: Anti-skid rubber base helps it stay securely in place


I really like my Corsair keyboard and think the company are doing big things in the mouse and keyboard gaming space. I have put the MM30 in this guide for a number of different reasons like the awesome design to other more important features like the super detailed attention they have given to the stitching that ensures this mouse remains extremely durable. Other cheaper mouse pads are typically super glued which is the reason they will peel after time but the MM30 is not one of those pads. The actual fabric is optimized for your gaming mouse sensor and I can definitely feel that my mouse moves super smoothly over this pad. Underneath there is also some great rubber pads so you don't have to worry about it sliding around, trust me on that one.

  • Pros
  • Optimized for sensors
  • Large Size
  • Zero slip rubber base
  • Durable and no peeling
  • Great Stitching
  • Cons
  • Limited to 1 design

Best Gaming Mouse Pad Under $15

Steel Series QcK


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If if you are on a budget but don't want to get the cheapest pad from an unknown brand then I would recommend this Steel Series QcK mouse pad. Despite the low price point the company have really put some effort in this pad and there is a number of features I really like. The cloth material used on this mouse pad is very nice in my opinion and lets my mouse move around freely even though I don't use a Steel Series mouse. I think that this QcK pad is thicker than average so because of that and the XL size it almost feels like a soft cushion for my wrist, if you game for hours on end then you will know why that is obviously a good unique feature.

  • Pros
  • Nice cloth material
  • Good thickness for wrist support
  • rubber pads on base
  • Cons
  • Really oversized for small desks

Best Gaming Mouse Pad Under $10



[Jumbo Size] iXCC Gaming Mouse Pad/Mat with Smooth Silk Surface Stitched Edges,...
1,020 Reviews
[Jumbo Size] iXCC Gaming Mouse Pad/Mat with Smooth Silk Surface Stitched Edges,...
  • iXCC: Trusted by 5 million+ people for high quality innovative products.
  • Soft top-layer finish, comfortable for wrists and hands. Anti-fraying stitched...
  • Silk surface ensures smooth movement for any computer mouse, great for big...
  • Multi-layer integrated design prevents curling and sliding under quick and...


This really does have the be the best choice out there for the broke gamers, you have to be really careful at this price range though. Any Walmart mouse pad for example at 10 dollars just isn't going to cut it but I really think the iXCC is the best option at this price point. Just like the more expensive MM30 this iXCC offers nice stitching and rubber support. This is the best gaming mouse pad I have found for under 10 bucks in my opinion and even though it doesn't have any flashy features it does it's job very well.

  • Pros
  • Silk fabric
  • Good stitching
  • Cons
  • Very basic

Best Waterproof Gaming Mouse Pad



Unfortunately the Langshop mouse pad isn't Dorito proof but it is water and mountain dew proof which makes it a solid choice for gamers. Joking aside the water proof feature also makes it possible for you to wash this pad and hang it out to dry which when you think about it is actually a great idea. My gaming desk definitely wouldn't pass any hygiene tests. Waterproofing aside the Langshop pad does a solid job at letting your mouse move freely for gaming and protecting your desk for wear and tear by being large enough to support a gaming keyboard and mouse and still have room for your mountain dew.

  • Pros
  • Waterproof (mountain dew proof)
  • Fits keyboard and mouse
  • Good price
  • Cons
  • Unknown brand