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Last Updated 16 Jan 2021

Valorant is a new and thrilling game that blends the various shooters’ styles to create this truly incomparable experience. Often called a blend of ‘Overwatch’ and ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’, both of which are very in-depth and knowledgeable games, you can understand why it’s caught the eye of many professional players in the esports scene.

The unique blend of styles that went into creating this game also calls for a somewhat strange combination of skills, skills that are borrowed from other FPS games. So to make mastery less of a difficulty, here are some of the best gaming keyboard for Valorant options to make use of.

Best Gaming Keyboard for Valorant Reviews

Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition

Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition TKL Tenkeyless Gaming Keyboard: Fastest...
10,537 Reviews
Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition TKL Tenkeyless Gaming Keyboard: Fastest...
  • The No.1 Best-Selling Gaming Peripherals Manufacturer in the US: Source - The...
  • Faster Than Traditional Mechanical Switches: Razer Linear Optical switch...
  • Ultimate Personalization & Gaming Immersion with Razer Chroma: Fully syncs with...
  • Quality, Aluminum Construction: Covered with a matte, aluminum top frame for...

Razer is a well-known name in the gaming community, known for its amazingly high-quality gaming paraphernalia and peripherals. Their influence spreads worldwide, and they have consistently been one of, if not, the best providers for gamers worldwide.

This keyboard is no different, marketed as being able to give you an edge in the split-second decision making often needed in intense games such as Valorant. So let’s take a more in-depth look to see if the substance is substantial.


The Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition is “what separates the champions from everyone else”. The keyboard was designed by professional athletes, for professional gamers, so that it is top-notch and tested to be elite in games. The speed of transmission is excellent Razer quality - that being incredibly fast to the point of no delay whatsoever.

Every keystroke uses 1.0mm optical actuation to send data at very near the speed of light, allowing you to react incredibly fast without having to worry about input lag, which could cause you to lose the game-winning clutch of the century. It isn’t just speedy, but durable as well, able to withstand an “industry-leading” 100,000,000 keystrokes. This means you will be well equipped to face the “rigors of training and competitive play”.

The speed is the most significant draw factor. However, it still carries all the fantastic features you’d expect from a gaming keyboard. The ergonomic design, the light-up display, and the compact design to save desk space are some of its highlights. There aren’t really any additional things one needs.


  • Ergonomic design looks great
  • Fast response times
  • Incredibly durable


  • Expensive compared to similar options
  • Mechanical keyboards are noisy, especially for those around them

SteelSeries Apex 5 Gaming Keyboard

SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Per-Key RGB...
5,937 Reviews
SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Per-Key RGB...
  • Hybrid mechanical gaming switches – The tactile click of a blue mechanical...
  • OLED smart display – Customize with gifs, game info, discord messages, and...
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame – Manufactured for unbreakable durability...
  • Dynamic per-key RGB illumination – Gorgeous color schemes and reactive effects...

This is a very neat and sleek design for a keyboard, with a performance to match aesthetics. The draw for SteelSeries Apex 5 was to provide a smooth feel to gaming without having a clunky, robust keyboard. So SteelSeries came out with this, so let’s see how well it holds up to review.


As said before, the design for this keyboard is incredibly sleek and neat. It is surprisingly lightweight, at only 2 pounds, so it is portable and easy to pack for transport. The build is quite durable, maximizing space usage and trimming down on waste materials that the previous models suffered with. This means the design is nice and compact, without being weak and flimsy.

The keys use what SteelSeries refer to as ‘Hybrid Blue Mechanical Switches’. These give you the same feel of snappy responses on keystrokes, but replace the traditional gold circuiting with membrane actuation, cutting down on the noise factor. The keyboard is astonishingly accurate and responds incredibly fast, exactly what you need out of a gaming keyboard.

If there were to be any complaints, they are quite minor. Namely, many find the membrane actuation to be too quiet, to the point that it is difficult to realize whether or not the keystrokes are registering on time. This can make maintenance a pain, but it’s not too much of a problem.

Another problem many have is with the cable, which is a permanent attachment. This makes cable management that little bit more a hassle, and also limits the movement of the keyboard on the desk space.


  • Great response times thanks to its rather unique technology
  • Sleek and neat design
  • Ergonomic with quiet keystrokes


  • Keystrokes can be too quiet
  • Permanently cabled

Redragon VARA MECHANICAL Gaming Keyboard

Redragon K551 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB LED Rainbow Backlit Wired Keyboard...
2,625 Reviews
Redragon K551 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB LED Rainbow Backlit Wired Keyboard...
  • Mechanical Gaming keyboard Redragon K551 104 Keys with Dust Proof Mechanical...
  • Rainbow LED RGB backlit mechanical USB gaming keyboard 19 different lighting...
  • Ergonomic designed steel series mechanical game keyboards high-quality durable...
  • Anti ghosting all 87 keys are conflict free nkey rollover featuring 12...

Mechanical keyboards are well-known and used throughout the gaming community for their super quick response times and often impressively robust designs. The Redragon VARA MECHANICAL gaming keyboard is no exception. This design is pretty much the epitome of the robust mechanical keyboard designs, but let’s see if it can hold up to the other keyboards on this list, or if it’s all flashy muscle but no practical usage.


The features here are relatively standard with what you’d find in a mechanical gaming keyboard. Where the Redragon shines is that it takes these fundamental concepts and boosts them to the point that you have an excellent, albeit basic, gaming keyboard. Its mechanical switches are customizable to alter and change your gaming experience based on your needs.

The keyboard itself contains aluminum and ABS construction, with the mechanical keys using a gold plated USB connector that is strong and durable and can withstand any amount of intense gaming. It is built for longevity and dependability first, with its design focused on robustness and durability. The keys are satisfying to press with the right amount of resistance and feedback to the user, with minimal input lag.

The design is quite basic, but this is a choice that went into making this keyboard. It is meant to be the epitome of what an excellent mechanical keyboard is without additional fancy features getting in the way. That being said, it would have been nice to see extra buttons that could be programmed for other inputs that could be used in-game.


  • Durable for rougher gaming
  • Good response times
  • Long lifespan


  • Basic design
  • Only a standard array of keys, no additional programmables

Wrapping Up

The final verdict is that if you want a decent gaming keyboard for Valorant that is built to maximize the input speeds to allow you to make those minute decisions as fast as possible, Razer is the way to go. The other two keyboards are pretty evenly matched as runner-ups; it just depends on what you are looking for personally in a keyboard.

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Anton is the founder of 25pc. He is a huge gaming tech nerd and loves helping people save money. To find out more about him read his about me page.

Anton is the founder of 25pc. He is a huge gaming tech nerd and loves helping people save money. To find out more about him read his about me page.

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