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Last Updated 09 May 2021

Playing a game with a conventional keyboard means you can’t compete against players who are using advanced mechanical keyboards. A quality gaming keyboard helps you move precisely and press the keys accurately.

While playing Fortnite, you need to be very accurate to beat your opponents. To be accurate, you need to use a high-end keyboard with quality switches. But how do you find the best keyboard for Fortnite? Let's take a look at a few keyboards that are designed for professional gamers who play Fortnite and want something awesome.

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Best Gaming Keyboard for Fortnite Reviews

E-Element Z-88 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

E-Yooso Z-88 60% RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Brown Switch, LED Backlit,...
4,489 Reviews
E-Yooso Z-88 60% RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Brown Switch, LED Backlit,...
  • Outemu Innovative pluggable Brown Switches Custom mechanical switches designed...
  • Anti-ghosting 81 Keys, N-key rollover Allowing multi-keys to work...
  • Preset 10-mode RGB Backlighting and Color-Flashing Speed Double-shot injection...
  • Durability and Wide Compatibility Made of top ABS and metal material, with...

Here is one of the best mechanical gaming keyboards. It is equipped with brown switches, which are quieter than blue switches, but they do not compromise on performance. Apart from the N key rollover, there are 81 anti-ghosting keys, and it allows various keys to work at the same time.


Unlike other mechanical keyboards, each key is controlled by an independent switch. This allows you to enjoy playing Fortnite with a fast response from your keyboard. With exceptional backlighting, there is no reason why you won’t like this keyboard while playing Fortnite.

This plug-and-play keyboard comes with a keycap puller that allows you to clean the keyboard easily. With brown switches, you can expect quiet but clicky and tactile feedback. The keys are extremely responsive and sensitive.

Thankfully, each key is controlled by an independent switch, which ensures accurate responses while using multiple keys during the game.

When you look at its design, you will be impressed. The compact keyboard is made with high-quality ABS material. It has a metal base and is splash resistant. Its non-slip design ensures that you can use it anywhere without worrying about the grip. According to the manufacturer, each key has a durability of up to 50 million clicks.

The keyboard features 10 color modes that ensure you will never get bored of it. With function shortcut keys, you can access a web browser, volume, media, calculator, email, etc. The keyboard has a dimension of 12.2 x 4.84 x 1.4 inches, and it weighs about 1.6 pounds. The delivery package includes a mechanical keyboard, user manual, switch puller, spare switches, and keycap puller.


  • Cost-effective without compromising quality
  • Compact design with full functionality
  • Clicky and tactile feedback
  • 10 backlighting color modes


  • Has been reported to disconnect occasionally

Logitech G413 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G413 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with USB Passthrough – Carbon
1,273 Reviews
Logitech G413 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with USB Passthrough – Carbon
  • The Romer-Gmechanical switch is purpose-built for pro-grade performance,...
  • Romer-G is also purpose-designed for precise and clean lighting through the...
  • Additional USB cable connects the USB pass-through port to its own input for...
  • FULL FUNCTION KEYS: Function (FN) keys let you control volume, play and pause,...

The Logitech G413 is arguably the best mechanical keyboard in the medium price range. It was introduced back in April 2017. Logitech has used a Romer-G mechanical switch in the keyboard for effective lighting and great responsiveness. To ensure data speed and power, there is an additional USB cable that connects the USB pass-through port to its own input.


With functional keys, you have quick access to volume, lighting, music, games, etc. Logitech also made it very easy to clean this keyboard. You can easily pop out the keys and clean them.

The G413 mechanical gaming keyboard is designed for Fortnite lovers. With high responsiveness and accurate key pressing, you should never lose a game because of this keyboard. It is a wired keyboard that comes with 12 programmable keys.

However, unlike other top-notch keyboards, it doesn’t have onboard memory. Moreover, you have to buy the palm rest separately. This plug-and-play keyboard requires two AA batteries, as well.

This mechanical keyboard features quality backlighting. With Romer-G switches, you get precise lighting throughout the keyboard, making it easy to play games during late-night sessions. The keyboard dimensions are 17.5 x 1.4 x 5.1 inches, and it weighs 2.43 pounds.


  • Excellent backlighting with many color options
  • Logitech switches are quiet for late-night gaming
  • Easy to clean the keys
  • Compact and sleek design
  • No signs of ghosting


  • Keys get dirty easily
  • Does not have onboard memory

DIERYA DK61E Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

DIERYA DK61E 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, RGB Backlit Wired PBT Keycap...
6,906 Reviews
DIERYA DK61E 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, RGB Backlit Wired PBT Keycap...
  • CLASSIC 60% COMPACT DESIGN: This DK61 mechanical keyboard has a perfect size and...
  • Dierya DK61E DRIVER: Powerful software editing features, personalize functions...
  • PBT DOUBLESHOT KEYCAPS: Wear resistance and hardness are much higher than ABS...
  • WATERPROOF CIRCUIT BOARD: Our keyboard's circuit board has IPX4 Certified, In...

The DIERYA DK61E is a compact keyboard with only 61 keys. To make it interesting, the manufacturer allows you to program every key for your convenience. With the FNX button, you can quickly access music, volume, and other media. Apart from its ABS construction, it features PBT double-shot keycaps that have better resistance than ABS keycaps.


Here is a unique keyboard that is designed for both gamers and typists. The powerful DIERYA software allows you to easily edit and make changes to your keyboard. Depending on your gaming needs, you can edit the function of each key. There is a USB-C cable to ensure fast responsiveness and durability. Plus, it has a response time of less than one millisecond.

With RGB lighting, you have unlimited choices to adjust your keyboard's backlighting. You will never get bored with your keyboard because of its impressive lighting features. It is an IPX4 certified keyboard, which means you can play games while eating your food without any worries, and it is powered with a waterproof circuit board.

The manufacturer made it easy to clean this keyboard. With additional tools, you can easily remove the keys and clean your keyboard.

The product dimensions are 13.31 x 5.51 x 1.89 inches, and it weighs about 1.87 pounds. The delivery package includes a mechanical keyboard, pull key tool, USB Type-C cable, user manual, switch puller, and replacement switches.


  • Every key is programmable for customization
  • Circuit board is waterproof
  • Quality ABS construction with PBT keycaps
  • USB Type-C connection to enhance responsiveness
  • RGB 16 million light effects


  • Has only 61 keys, which can be limiting


All of these keyboards are offered by well-reputed manufacturers. You can trust their products without a second thought. However, each keyboard has its own positives and negatives.

If you are looking for a high-quality keyboard that handles your gaming and typing needs at the same time, the Logitech G413 is the best choice. It costs a little extra compared to the other two mechanical keyboards, but it pays you back over time.

On the other hand, if you are on a budget but still need a quality mechanical keyboard, you can choose between the DIERYA DK61E and the Z-88 mechanical keyboard.

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Anton is the founder of 25pc. He is a huge gaming tech nerd and loves helping people save money. To find out more about him read his about me page.

Anton is the founder of 25pc. He is a huge gaming tech nerd and loves helping people save money. To find out more about him read his about me page.

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