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Last Updated 23 Sep 2021

In-game audio can be immersive if used to its full potential. Whether you are playing linear games or exploring open gaming worlds, audio enhances the immersion greatly. Audio in gaming means just as much as sound does in real life to help us relate with and make sense of our physical space. Apart from deep soundscapes, the best gaming headphones connect you to other gamers to make the games more interactive and enjoyable.

What are Gaming Headphones

In a gaming setup, headphones are important components with unique features that make the gaming experience more wholesome. Headphones offer a virtual surround sound that makes the user experience the world differently, with enhanced senses and improved reaction. In addition, gaming headphones have microphones for communication between teammates during a tournament or a game.

Gaming headphones are specially made to cancel out background noise while offering a decent sound quality. Let us check out today's best deals of the most popular gaming headphones now that we know what to expect.

1. Hyperx Cloud ii Wireless Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud II Wireless - Gaming Headset for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Long...
20,694 Reviews
HyperX Cloud II Wireless - Gaming Headset for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Long...
  • Gaming-grade wireless with long battery life: Cut the cord and roam free with...
  • Signature HyperX comfort: Premium memory foam and soft, pliable leatherette...
  • HyperX 7.1 surround sound: Toggle the virtual 7.1 surround sound on to take...
  • 53 millimeter drivers deliver immersive audio: Get immersed in your games and...

Imagine playing in a hyperactive tournament with your teammates and suddenly not being able to hear anyone or the game because your battery ran out. Hyperx Gaming headsets are today's best deals when it comes to staying put for long hours while still functioning efficiently. Hyperx is the best gaming headset that can last up to 30 hours straight on any given occasion.

Hyperx is compatible with Nintendo Switch, ps4, and PC, providing an unrivaled gaming experience. In addition, the wireless gaming headsets have a 7.1 surround sound that captures your imagination in ways that can blow your mind. To further enhance the sound, the headphone has a memory foam that conforms to the features of the face for comfortable use by anyone for long periods.

Chatting is the most important bit of being a team player. Hyperx has a detachable noise-canceling mic for a clear and crisp voice, even in charged environments like gaming events. In addition, the mic has a monitor to help you know how you sound, making Hyperx the best pc gaming headsets for charged events.

Hyperx has strong wireless connectivity of up to 20 meters, which is insanely good. The gaming headphones further have a low latency 2.4 GHz wireless connection, with 53 mm drivers to deliver an immersive sound to get you out of the real world. The best feature on the gaming headphone is the LED that shows when the mic is on or off, saving you the trouble of wondering whether your mic is okay or not.

  • Pros
  • Lightweight, weighing only 300 g
  • Aluminum frame for strength and durability
  • Best gaming headset drivers
  • Mute LED
  • Detachable mic
  • Noise-canceling mic
  • Long battery life
  • Great audio quality
  • Low latency
  • 30 hours of gaming before the need to recharge
  • Memory foam earcups
  • Good sound quality
  • Cons
  • It might not come with the latest firmware, and you might need to download the latest version.

2. Razer Blackshark V2 Wired Gaming Headset

Razer BlackShark V2 Gaming Headset: THX 7.1 Spatial Surround Sound - 50mm...
12,035 Reviews
Razer BlackShark V2 Gaming Headset: THX 7.1 Spatial Surround Sound - 50mm...
  • THX 7.1 Surround Sound Capable: Provides industry-leading audio realism for...
  • Triforce Titanium 50mm High-End Sound Drivers: Outfitted with cutting-edge, 50mm...
  • All-Day Comfort: Oval, cooling gel-infused cushions that prevent overheating and...
  • Detachable Razer Hyperclear Cardioid Mic: Tuned to have a more focused voice...

Razer Blackshark is the gaming headset to cut through your expectations with the amazing features that deliver maximum performance. The headsets have a THX 7.1 spatial surround sound for a fully immersive experience when gaming. In addition, Razer is set up to be the best gaming headsets with their aluminum-grade drivers that have three separate parts for individual highs, lows, and mid tunings.

The headphones have a cardioid mic that is unidirectional and picks only the user's voice, cutting off all background noises. You can tweak the mic via Razer Synapse 3 for a clearer and more directed voice.

Gaming headphones, however flexible, are meant to press on your ears. So, the best approach is to get headsets that have comfort as one of the main considerations. Razer headphones have cooling gel-infused cushions that prevent overheating, keeping the temperatures around the ear favorable. As a result, the pressure build-up is significantly reduced when you wear the headphones.

Razer headphones are compatible with audio enhancer DAC and connect via a USB connector. In addition, the gaming headphones are further compatible with THX spatial audio that are available on windows.

  • Pros
  • Comfortable headphones
  • Great gaming headphones for use over long periods
  • Best wired headset with a flexible body
  • Infused cooling gel to prevent overheating
  • Good gaming headset for chatting
  • Cardioid mic
  • Three separate parts in the driver for clarity
  • Cons
  • The thx spatial audio is available on Windows 10, 64 bit PC only.

3. Logitech g Pro X Headsets

Logitech G PRO X Gaming Headset (2nd Generation) with Blue Voice, DTS Headphone...
2,837 Reviews
Logitech G PRO X Gaming Headset (2nd Generation) with Blue Voice, DTS Headphone...
  • Detachable pro grade microphone featuring real time Blue Voice technology,...
  • Next gen 7.1 and object based surround sound for greater in game positional,...
  • Soft memory foam ear-pads with your choice of premium passive noise canceling...
  • Built to last with a durable aluminum fork and steel headband. Impedance - 35...

Before you buy a new gaming headset, be sure you try on the Logitech g Pro X. They might end up being the last headphones you ever try on and fall in love with straight away. The headphones have a removable mic that ensures safe storage and protects the headphones from damage. In addition, the headphone set has inbuilt systems that ensure you get immersive audio to get you away from the boring world for a moment.

Logitech g Pro X has Blue Voice technology that enhances the clarity of the headset for more responsive gaming. The best gaming headsets further have compressors, limiters, and a noise reducer inside for a more professional experience. In addition, the wired gaming headset has a 7.1 next generation and object-based surround sound for better awareness during gaming. The system works perfectly when you have a USB sound card, a PC, and a Logitech G Hub software installed.

The gaming headphones have soft memory foam earpads that enhance the audio quality by locking in the sound and not leaking it to the environment. The headphones are noise-canceling for maximum focus when playing against your opponents online. The leather earcups are comfortable and breathable for longer playing hours.

Logitech has Advanced Pro G 50 mm drivers that deliver precise sound imaging with improved bass response. In addition, the PC gaming headsets are a gem in the gaming industry because you can swap the boom mic with a mobile cable with an inline microphone.

  • Pros
  • Comfortable earpads
  • Durable
  • Boom mic for clarity
  • Best gaming headset for long hour tournaments
  • Detachable boom mic
  • Blue Voice technology
  • 50 mm drivers for clear audio
  • Clear, professional audio
  • Cons
  • Wired

4. Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless Headset

Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless Gaming Headset - High-Fidelity 7.1 Surround Sound...
5,355 Reviews
Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless Gaming Headset - High-Fidelity 7.1 Surround Sound...
  • Experience uncompromising sound quality and immersive 7.1 surround Sound with a...
  • Long-lasting Comfort to wear all day with Premium Memory foam ear pads that...
  • Connect wirelessly for high-fidelity, ultra-low latency Audio and an exceptional...
  • Make yourself heard with exceptional dynamic range and vocal clarity, thanks to...

Get immersed with the 7.1 surrounds sound wireless headset that takes you from the real world and throws you deep into another. Corsair is the best gaming headset with broadcast mics for efficient communication with teammates. Unlike most gaming headsets, Corsair has a high-density 50 mm neodymium speaker driver that delivers astounding audio.

Corsair is the best wireless gaming headset for experiencing soundscapes because of its frequency range of between 20 Hz and 40 kHz, which can pass for a professional mixing engineer headset. The frequency range is unbelievable for a gaming headset, making deep bass possible for a better gaming experience.

Wireless headphones significantly reduce the latency that might interfere with real-life communication when playing as a team. Corsair is a great gaming headset with an exceptional 60ft signal range with a hyper-fast slipstream. The headphones have a 109 dB sensitivity level with an impedance of 32 Ohms at 2.5 kHz.

  • Pros
  • Lightweight
  • Great low response
  • Durable
  • Detachable mic
  • 7.1 simulated surround sound
  • Significantly reduced latency
  • Good mic quality
  • Wireless
  • The good frequency range of 20-40 000 Hz
  • 50 mm drivers for clear, crisp audio
  • Great sound quality
  • Long battery life
  • Cons
  • No Bluetooth

5. Xbox Series X Wireless Headset

Xbox Wireless Headset for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 Devices
1,308 Reviews
Xbox Wireless Headset for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 Devices
  • Pair directly to your console with Xbox Wireless radio without the need for...
  • Surround yourself with spatial sound technologies including Windows Sonic, Dolby...
  • Use auto-mute and voice isolation to reduce noise interruption for crystal-clear...
  • Flexible, lightweight design with an adjustable headband. Enjoy up to 15 hours...

Immersion is what comes to mind when you place Xbox series X on your head. Xbox wireless headsets surround you with spatial sound technologies, including Dolby Atmos, DTS, and Windows Sonic. In addition, the gaming headsets pair directly with the console without the need for a dongle, a cable, or a base station.

The Xbox wireless gaming headset is lightweight and delivers comfort that is unrivaled on any level. The headband is flexible and adjustable, making the headset suitable for different people with varying hairstyles and heads. In addition, the gaming headset is battery-powered and lasts up to 15 hours before the need for recharging. The power-saving properties make the Xbox Series X the best gaming headset for tournaments and long games.

The Xbox wireless headset is a beast among sheep compared to other headsets. The gaming headset has voice isolation and can use auto-mute to enhance the sound quality by eliminating background sounds. The excellent sound quality allows for a crystal clear voice chat with teammates. In addition, the Xbox series wireless gaming headset has comfortable earcups for long playing periods without feeling pain or fatigue on the temporal muscles.

Xbox series is technologically and at par with the latest trends and is the best gaming headset for anyone who is into technology. In addition, Xbox has the best gaming headsets that can connect to mobile phones via Bluetooth. The amazing thing about the headset is connecting it both to the console and to the mobile device to chat with a friend while playing.

  • Pros
  • Great sound
  • Good headset for pro-gamers
  • Quality gaming headset with a long battery life
  • Wireless functionality
  • Connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth
  • Good wireless range
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable ear cups
  • Rotating dials for easy controls
  • Cons
  • The headphones need to be recharged, unlike wired headphones.

Factors to Consider When Buying Gaming Headphones

a) Wired Vs. Wireless

The important decision you will have to make when buying a gaming headset is whether you want wireless or wired headsets. This is because wired headphones do not need to be changed as often as wireless headphones that depend on battery life. However, tired headphones tether you to a point, and you have to stay put to use the headphones. On the other hand, wireless headphones can work within 20 meters, depending on the brand, which is impressive.

When looking for the best gaming headsets, check whether the cable is removable if you need to change the wire. Sometimes the need for a change arises, and it makes no sense to throw away the whole headset just because of a faulty cable.

The best-wired gaming headset will come with an extra cable as a replacement in case one gets damaged.

b) Frequency Range

The frequency range is the lowest and highest frequency that the headphones can achieve. The range matters a lot in shaping the gaming experience for the user for accurate and immersive audio effects. Low-frequency ranges are good for action filed games that require that extra adrenaline punch from the headphones.

Good headphones have drivers separated into three to bring out the low, mid, and high frequencies separately for a more enhanced audio experience. Test gaming headsets before buying them to see what you like.

c) Microphone

The mic is a huge part of a gaming headset. You need to speak to your teammates for better coordination and game-plan. The best microphone should be a cardioid mic. A cardioid microphone picks sound from a specific direction while canceling out any noise from other directions. This feature makes it easier to speak in highly-charged environments.

A detachable microphone is an added advantage for easy storage and safety of the headset. The best gaming headsets have options of using cables with inline mics as a change whenever you do not feel like using the boom mic. Look for a microphone that can adapt to a headphone jack for flexibility.

Consider looking for headphones that allow you to listen to music while using the microphone simultaneously. This is a great feature that will make an audiophile happy.

d) Earcups

Gaming headphones are irreplaceable in the gaming setup. Earcups enhance the audio output if they fit perfectly on the ears. Good earcups have memory foams that conform to the shape of the ears for maximum comfort for long hours of playing. The material used to make the earcups need to be breathable to reduce sweating during intense games.

Earcups are the interaction point of the headsets and your body. For the headset to stay put, a considerable amount of pressure is exerted by the headphones. So good earcups could be the difference between a good gaming experience and an unpleasant experience. Look for earcups that look cool too.

About the author

Anton is the founder of 25pc. He is a huge gaming tech nerd and loves helping people save money. To find out more about him read his about me page.

Anton is the founder of 25pc. He is a huge gaming tech nerd and loves helping people save money. To find out more about him read his about me page.

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