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After hours of sitting on a scuffed up office chair I was often left with pain in my back and my neck. What's worse is the pain is actually the least of my worries as I did some research and found out that the long term effects of poor posture from gaming can include problems with digestion issues, poor circulation and god damn heart issues. I'm pretty sure no gamer wants that. I ended up doing even more research and have found the best gaming chairs that help with posture.

What is the best gaming chair for posture?

If you want to find the best chair to help you with good posture the first thing you need to know is that different chairs are better for different sizes of people. If you're a really tall person and you buy a gaming chair built for a shorter person your back is going to the support it needs. If you are a heavy person then that is another thing you have to factor in, just because a gaming chair looks cool doesn't mean the chair is going to be good for your back.

If you are short & under 180 lbs

I would recommend the DXRacer OH/DF73/NC for people in this height range. This chair comes with a lumbar cushion and a headrest cushion making sure that both your neck and lower back are taken care of. This chair is also built with a high density mould shaping foam allowing your body to sink in perfectly and be supported.

If you are really tall & under 425 lbs

This chair is best for people 6ft and over all the way up to at least 6ft 7 and up to 425 lbs. This is currently the biggest gaming chair available from DXRacer gaming chair company and it is made to support bigger sized people. It of course comes with lumbar and neck cushions and with this chair you can adjust the backseat and armrests to get the perfect angle for your body no matter the size.

Things to note

I hope you now realize that before you start looking for a chair for posture that you should know both your height and weight and not care too much the brand name or the color schemes on a chair. Unfortunatley when we buy a gaming chair online we don't have the luxury of being able to sit on the actual chair and test it out and pretty much all of the great brands are only available online. This means even if there is a refund policy you still want to be super careful and make sure you do your due diligence beforehand.


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