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Most of the best ark server hosting providers are similar to the wind; they come and go without being noticed. Lots of best ark server hosting companies are around the market. Each one of them offers services that host the ark survival evolved. This post talks about the well-performing and trusted survival server you may consider thinking about.

Around the world, there are more than a hundred of the best ark server hosting providers. Less than half of it is operating from the start of the game, which is in the year 2015. This means that most of the ark server hosting providers these days are new.

As you can notice, most of the available ark server hosting providers have the same promise: to give you a lag-free gaming experience. Additionally, most of them come with the same price, features and can be set up easily.


How to Find the Best Ark Server Hosting Provider?

A lot of gamers are looking for the best and well-performing ark server hosting provider. Since a lot of ark server hosting companies are now available, gamers might feel confused and have a hard time picking the best ark server.

Besides, there are also numerous biased reviews that you can browse on the internet today. As a result, many individuals are having a hard time determining the difference between a profit-driven and fact-driven fiction.

If you are one of the individuals looking for the best ark server hosting provider, you are in the right place. The is a site that thoroughly assesses and examines the servers for ark before sharing it with you. Our reviews contain important information everyone should know about a particular ark server hosting.

In order for you to find the best ark server hosting, you should not forget the important factors to consider. The important aspects that need to keep in mind include the support times, adding mods, performance under load, the ease of setup, and lastly, the price monthly.

Now that you know the essential factors to remember when choosing the best server for ark, it's time to share with you our top ten Ark servers that you should try. Scroll down to gather more information about each.

The Top Ten Best Ark Server Hostings 2020

The following are the top ten of the best server hosting for ark survival evolved. When reviewing each of the ark servers, we considered the important aspects that are listed above. Let us start discussing the best hosting providers!


From the start of the game server hosting, the journey of the has been started. It is one of the longest and oldest game hosting providers around the globe. It is being operated by a large game hosting company that supports numerous data around the world. does not host a new game very quickly. They take time to assess whether the game is worth their game hosting services or not. So, you can notice that newly released games take time before it gets the support of this game server.

The is popular among the game enthusiasts because they provide a solid game server service. Also, you will only notice a few drawbacks to it. This game server is easy to use and runs quickly. If you have questions about their server hosting services, you can contact their customer support. After a few minutes, a staff will assist and answer your queries.

One of the drawbacks we found out in this ark server hosting provider is that it is quite costly. By far, it is not the most inexpensive type of hosting provider available. But, if you are looking for a server hosting that provides a solid gaming experience, look no further than

Things we Like

  • It has an enabled control panel that enables the players to manage the ark survival evolved server easily and seamlessly.
  • Accommodating staff
  • It consists of numerous server locations worldwide.
  • Its games have a huge catalogue.
  • It runs quickly
  • The site offers ark server services since 2000

Things we Didn't Like

  • The only thing we didn't like about this game server is that it is pricey and unaffordable for some.

2. Survival Server

Just like the, this game server is also one of the oldest hosting providers. For many years in the industry, they have perfected their customized control panel to help their subscribers access their services conveniently. Compared to other hosting providers, this one does not offer numerous games. But, they support excellent ark server hosting services for small game.

Even though this server is not an easy-to-access one, rest assured that they know how their services work and how to get things done.

Things we Like

  • Knowledgeable staff
  • They know the importance of modding
  • They feature an enabled and customized control pane
  • They support small games
  • Excellent ark server hosting
  • Provides great value for your penny

Things we Didn't Like

  • They have a knowledgeable support but may are complaining of not being friendly and works unprofessionally.

3. HostHavoc

Unlike the two mentioned ark servers, this one is new in the industry. They are offering their game support for four years now. They are known to provide seamless and top notch ark servers.

Their services are focused on games similar to Ark Survival Evolved. They also have a knowledgeable and friendly staff. You can ensure that your queries will be answered quickly.

Things we Like

  • AU, US, and EU server locations
  • Knowledgeable and friendly support
  • Niche provider

Things we Didn't Like

  • None

4. PingPerfect

Another game server is the PingPerfect that is located in the UK. Aside from the United States, they also have numerous server locations. It is consists of customer support that is always ready to assist you all day.

They offer a huge game catalogue. Additionally, they provide their services in a newly released game. When it comes to their price, it is one of the most inexpensive servers anyone could consider. Considering that it also has numerous server locations, it is possible that they also cover your geographical area.

Things we Like

  • Its control panel is beginner-friendly
  • You can try their services for two days
  • Inexpensive price
  • Numerous server locations worldwide

Things we Didn't Like

  • The gamer's review of their dedicated server and VPS are quite low.

5. Fragnet

One of the things we like about this ark server hosting provider is that they work fast. Besides, their customer team gets back to you a few minutes after you messaged them. But when it comes to their price, it is quite expensive.

Things we Like

  • Quick support times
  • It offers 100 slots
  • Numerous server locations

Things we Didn't Like

  • Since it offers 100 slots, you need to spend a lot considering its expensive price.

6. Nitrous Networks

One of the best servers we know is Nitrous Networks. This ark server hosting provider supports the ark survival evolved, which is one of the best games that was established in 2010.

They have a good service quality and support times. One of the things we didn't like about this server is that its price is unaffordable compared to the other hosting servers we reviewed.

Things we Like

  • Fast support times
  • More than 100 slots
  • Excellent control panel and website
  • It is supported by a huge gaming brand

Things we Didn't Like

  • This is one of the expensive servers. This server hosting provider supports up to 100 slots. Therefore, you need to spend a little bit of money.
  • It has server locations in the US and EU only.

7. ROX Servers

One of the popular ark server hosting providers in the world supporting ark survival evolved is the ROX servers. Its main branch is located in France. They offer different game varieties at a low and reasonable price. One of the advantages of ROX servers to the other hosting providers is that they offer old and niche titles that are rare to find these days.

Its control panel is easy to access. But, when it comes to their customer support, it isn't very pleasant since you need to wait for several minutes before a staff assists you.

Things we Like

  • It is in the industry for more than ten years
  • Some customers prefer France-based servers
  • It covers a lot of games at a very low price.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Poor customer support

8. GTX Gaming

One of the well-known UK-based ark server hosting company is the GTX Gaming. It is a company that adapts the latest games.

This company is composed of techie guys that can adapt quickly to the changes happening in the game. On the other hand, its support has a low review and rating from individuals who had used it.

According to the manager of GTX, however, they are doing their best to meet the requirements and needs of their customers. Therefore, they decided to update their hardware yearly. Through this, the company can provide only the best services to their customers.

Things we Like

  • The GTX Gaming hosting company consist of numerous server locations that you can choose from
  • It is a small company but consists of a large number of knowledgeable and friendly staff.
  • It covers different varieties of games.
  • This company can adapt and integrate their server services quickly.

Things we Didn't Like

  • The only thing we find unattractive about this company is that their customer support has a low rating. This is because, according to their previous customers, it takes time before a staff assists your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Beginners in ark survival evolved have lots of questions in their mind. Thus, we gathered numerous FAQs about the different hosting providers mentioned above. Keep on reading to know the answers to your questions.

Can I set up a server hosting for ark survival evolved on my personal desktop computer?

Yes. Anyone can install a server hosting on their desktop or computer. But experts do not recommend this.

This is because it can ruin or slow down your gaming experience. Additionally, it will also cost you a lot compared to purchasing an average ark server. But it is always up to you whether you are going to install it by yourself or with the help of the experts.

Can the Entire Ark Hosting Providers Listed Accommodate Ark Console Version?

One of the disadvantages of owning an ark console version is that it requires you to look for different hosting providers, which are hard to find. Considering that most hosting providers do not offer a complicated setup procedure. But if you are playing the console version of the ark, you may consider availing of the Survival Servers.

Different server hosting providers offer different price ranges. What is the price range of an average ark server hosting?

If a hosting provider offers large servers, this means that it covers numerous slots that can be availed by multiple players. Additionally, the more the slots, the more inexpensive the price will be. An average server hosting has a price ranging from 0.50 US dollars and above.

If you don't have a huge budget for a server hosting, consider making a longer payment to avail of the slots at a lower price. If you will pay annually, you can save for approximately 20 percent of the whole price.

Can I Host my own server?

There are lots of ark server hosting providers you can avail of. Suppose you are wondering whether or not you can host your server. Well yes. This will benefit you if you are not more on super low ping and guaranteed uptime.


Many are asking about the best ark server hosting available worldwide. Yes, it can be difficult to find the right and best provider. So, we have reviewed only the best server provider and listed it above. As you can notice, they have a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. If you are still undecided about which ark server hosting you need, consider one of the providers we included in the list above.