May 20, 2022

My Thoughts

After my old Corsair keyboarding ended up breaking I realized using my moms backup Walmart keyboard really wasn't going to be a good idea. After looking around at all the keyboards under my budget of $100 I found the Azio MGK-1 keyboard. This will be my first ever review for 25PC and I am very happy with this budget gaming keyboard. It doesn't feel cheap at all and even has an aluminum/plastic type of material on the backplate. Personally, I like the way the keys click from the Khalil brown switches and it's quite satisfying for me. It has cool lighting options and for me, it's a great replacement from my old broken keyboard and has made gaming once again enjoyable for me.

Azio Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (MGK1-K)
815 Reviews
Azio Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (MGK1-K)
  • Mechanical Key Switches (Kailh Brown)
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Face Plate
  • White LED Backlight w/ Adjustable Brightness
  • Detachable Palm Rest


Wire Thickness

This is quite important for me and is the reason so many of my keyboards stop working. With the low price tag for this keyboard I have to admit, I was fearing the worst. The thickness, however, was great and it is actually braided giving it that extra bit of strength.

Khalil Brown Switches

No doubt the most important feature for me has to be what switches are used. Personally, I am a fan of the Cherry MX blue switch, surprisingly it turns out that they are in fact very similar to the Khalil Brown switches used in this Azio keyboard. They respond super fast to my clicks with no lag and as I previously mentioned have a really nice sound and bounce. They are a great high-quality switch that I will start recommending.

The Metal Board

Another stand out feature for me was actually the board. I liked it so much because of the high-end aluminum type material that by the looks of it, seems like it belongs a much more expensive keyboard. They also don't try to hide the fact there is metal there and show off the authentic metal color which makes it look that little bit cooler.

Rubber Pads 

This keyboard is actually quite light compared to others I have used and if it wasn't for the rubber pads underneath, it would without question be sliding all over the place. Thankfully they do a great job and are another small reason to love this MGK 1 keyboard that little bit more.

The Red Green Blue lighting

I was really impressed with the lighting on this keyboard. It was quite strong but at the same time, I was able to adjust the level so that it was overpowering. Occasionally I like to game in the dark and this keyboard gives out a really chill calming vibe.


Cheap Feeling Keycaps

I always like to at least include 1 drawback in my reviews and for this Azio MGK 1, the one thing that shows it's a budget gaming keyboard is the Keycaps in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, they do work fine but I can just feel that they are cheap. I am not sure how long they are actually going to last but hopefully, I don't have to replace them or buy a new keyboard next year.

About the Author Anton

Anton is the founder of 25pc. He is a huge gaming tech nerd and loves helping people save money. To find out more about him read his about me page.