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This Apple Magic Mouse 2 Review is going to describe each and everything you need to know about this Mac peripheral.

A huge variety can be seen in Apple products all the time. Apple constantly wants to entertain the iOS users, and for this purpose, Apple updated the Mac peripherals to be magical enough. The main focus of the Apple developers is on making the products attractive enough, which grabs the attention of people easily.

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Apple Magic Mouse 2 Review


Apple Magic Mouse 2 (Wireless, Rechargable) - Silver
32,547 Reviews
Apple Magic Mouse 2 (Wireless, Rechargable) - Silver
  • Magic Mouse 2 is completely rechargeable, so you’ll eliminate the use of...
  • It’s lighter, has fewer moving parts thanks to its built-in battery and...
  • And the Multi-Touch surface allows you to perform simple gestures such as...
  • Magic Mouse 2 is ready to go right out of the box and pairs automatically with...

The first version of the best wireless Mouse (Magic mouse) has loads of features and now Magic Mouse 2 also has tons of features with some novelty. One major difference in the new Apple Magic Mouse 2 is the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. With the help of this advanced change, now this mouse is much lighter than before and has a more productivity level.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 Design

Apple Magic Mouse 2 review allows you to explore all the information about the latest Apple mouse. All the internal body has changed, and at some point, you may see a different outer body, which supports the internal system. The size of the Magic mouse 2 is 0.85 inches (216 mm) high, 4.47 inches (1135 mm) deep, 2.25 inches (571 mm) wide, which is exactly the same as the first version of the magic mouse debuted in 2009. However, the weight has been reduced to 0.22 pounds (0.099 kg).

Apple understands a thing or two about artistic gratifying design and the Magic Mouse 2 sticks to the standards you would expect. The slim profile, the overall curved surface look is a dream of minimalist.


Weight loss of the Apple magic mouse 2 has apparent change. New changes now make it able to move more smoothly. In the new Apple Magic Mouse 2, you will not see any section for the AA batteries. Because now it has rechargeable lithium-ion battery supplied by a Lightning port.

You can clearly see the lightning port on the bottom of the magic mouse. There is no back of the mouse as it is on the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2. However, nobody would like to see a flat plane of the back for a Lightning port. When we talk about the design of the Magic Mouse 2 it will look unpleasant, if there is an uncomfortable back on the right of the mouse. You will be captured by edges all the time instead of moving your fingers smoothly across the surface.

Smooth Grip

A mouse works best when your grip is perfect and your fingers positioned down. There is a small implanted power cord, which will never come in your way as a larger cable and connector would do. A modest place for the Lightning port on the back will really be amazing. But, making this huge change requires a complete remaking of the mouse, and Apple was not going to do this. A large and constant surface is all in white, and it might be annoying for some users.


The Apple Magic Mouse 2 review also focuses on the color scheme. Basically, the mouse is available in 2 colors, the standard white top and silver bottom, which compliments the looks of Mac lineup, and the other one is space gray model to go with the iMac Pro.


If you have ever experienced working with the old Magic Mouse, you must be familiar that it had to pair with Bluetooth. If you find the level of power too short, you need to move quickly to the AA batteries. On the other hand, with the new Apple Magic Mouse 2, you simply require to plug in the implanted Lightning cable for pairing.

If you see the Magic Mouse 2 is going to fade down, you can simply plug it back. You can use the mouse while charging because the port is on the bottom. You can fully charge it for at least two hours, while a quick two minutes of charging is enough that gives you 9 hours of use.

However, your Mac will notify you before going the battery low of your Magic Mouse 2. Most of the time we ignore the notification of low battery but we continue with our work until the mouse turns off from running down the battery. Once you have done your work, now you can fully charge the battery of your Apple Magic Mouse 2. A full charge can give you a whole month until you get the notification again, or you recharge when you remind of it.

Bluetooth Pairing

Apple Magic Mouse 2 review has the best problem solutions for you. Did you ever get stuck in a Bluetooth device problem? Ever face issues with your Apple Magic Mouse 2 pairing? There is an exclusive trick to solve the Bluetooth pairing issue. For the very first time, when you are using a magic mouse and it is not paired or you manually unpair the mouse by using Bluetooth preference pane of Mac.

You can easily connect by simply pairing the mouse to your Mac. You must use the Lightning to USB cable for connecting your magic mouse. That’s all! You are all set now you can easily approach all the functions of your mouse.


Apple Magic Mouse 2 has a 1-year warranty with an accessory for Apple and beats Branded Products Only. Apple does not maintain a database of peripherals so you must keep the receipt with you.

  • Pros
  • Looks fabulous.
  • Great battery life.
  • The multitouch facade is one of a kind.
  • Cons
  • Failure to use it while charging.
  • Not friendly in the hands for extended periods of time.
  • Poor functionality on non-Apple computers.


The Apple Magic Mouse 2 review has almost described all the important features of the magic mouse 2.  It is really a high-quality upgrade, which can maintain the most popular characteristics of the original magic mouse. Magic Mouse 2 is the best replacement for the original magic mouse.

If you want a mouse with multi-touch capacity then you can use Apple Magic Mouse 2 without hesitation. You will not see any change in your original magic mouse and new magic mouse 2 other than the ability to recharge over Lightening.