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Ali A is a Youtuber with close to 10 million subscribers and over 2 billion combined video views that he garnered from not luck but hard work uploading consistent high quality videos to the video sharing platform almost daily since 2006 that have entertained millions of people. His videos mostly consist of gaming content but sometimes he will also do real life vlogs. His most popular video is a Call Of Duty video uploaded back in 2013 which has over 20 million views and his first video uploaded is a modern warfare video that was uploaded in 2010. With all his video views he has said to have made a lot of money buying things like Audi R8’s and the best tech. Let’s take a look at some right now.

What Headset Does Ali A Use?

Ali-A-Turtle-Beach-Elite 800-Headset

In this GIF we can see Ali A wearing the Turtle Beach Headset




Noise Canceling

Surround sound mode

Customizable ear cup design

Magnetic Charging stand

Used by big YouTubers

Made for gamers

What Microphone Does Ali A Use?


In this GIF we can see Ali A using the Audio Technica




Easy USB setup

Perfect for let’s play gamers

Cardioid polar means it only picks up frontal sounds

Works with windows and mac

Easily attach to mic stands

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