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At first glance of the Acer G226HQL specs, you may guesstimate a high price tag for this thing, but the reality is that this is one of 5 other monitors I have concluded the best for people on a smaller than normal budget. The outcome of that this is that you get a high performing monitor for a great bargain. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing exceptional or fancy with the G226HQL, but it is a great all-round monitor that performs well in almost all aspects. Yes, there is a couple of small flaws that I will cover but don't be alarmed. It's nothing major.

Acer G226HQL 21.5-Inch Screen LED Monitor
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Acer G226HQL 21.5-Inch Screen LED Monitor
  • The G-Series 21.5" LED is designed for High-Definition with a stunning 1920 x...
  • Rapid 5ms response time reduces deviations in transition time to deliver...
  • The DVI-D input with High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) allows for...
  • Signal Inputs: 1 x DVI w/HDCP & 1 X VGA. Dimensions(H x W x D): 12.28 x 20.08 x...


Acer G226HQL Quality

One of the most redeeming features of this Acer monitor is the complete lack of dead pixel reports. With a lot of cheaper monitors what tends to happen is that the build process won't have had a lot of love and care put into it and as a result monitors some will be shipped out and put on sale with dead pixels. The G226HQL very rarely seems to have this issue although it is impossible to say that it will never happen.

This monitor gives off a very bright screen but not so bright that it burns your eyes. Personally, I like a glowing monitor, and the Acer G226HQL has a perfect default level for me. If it's too bright for you then, of course, you can adjust the settings to lower it. I like it on the maximum settings though. One thing to mention though is that if you do this, you might have to sacrifice a bit of your FPS rate. If your GPU and other setup is powerful then that won't be an issue.

If you are a gamer looking to really optimize your display then you might have to tinker around with the settings, but if you are just looking for a gaming monitor on a budget, then this really is good enough and does a great job for gamers in my opinion. It's the best option out there (it's a budget monitor) but the screen brightness and vibrant colors combined with the excellent viewing angles really standout perfectly like a painting and can make your gameplay standout like a 3d painting thanks to the 1.78:1 ratio. Just make sure to adjust the viewing angles that is best for you.

Acer G226HQL Build quality

This monitor comes in either 19, 21.5, 24 and 27 inches tall with varying price points. The interesting thing is though is that no matter how big this monitor gets, it still feels compact and takes up limited space on your desk while still keep the LED screen large and wide. This is because it is built extra thin and lightweight which is really useful. The DVI and VGA ports are on the back underneath side so you can keep the cable management tidy as well. One of the downsides, however, is since they have made such an effort to make the monitor lightweight and thin they have also done this to the stand. That is not ideal because you really actually want it to be strong and hard enough to feel like it will support the weight of the monitor safely no matter what. As well as that there are no VESA mounts for extra support so you really should take care with the Acer G226HQL too not shake your desk or knock it over.


The Acer G226HQL monitor is great no bells and whistles monitor probably made for standard web browsing activities but also surprisingly good for gamers. There are thankfully no major flaws with the screen quality and complete lack of dead pixel issues. The only flaw is an external one and that is the issue with low quality stand. This can be dealt with by make sure your desk is sturdy and making sure not to knock against your monitor. If you can live with that and take enough care when around your monitor then you should have a pleasant experience and really enjoy this great monitor.