About Me

I am Anton, the 22-year-old Canadian founder of 25pc.com, I created this website when I was 20. Here is a bit of information about me.

PC, XBOX, PS2, PS4 or SNES - you name it; I have been playing them since I was a kid.

However, I always wanted mods, more community, more graphics and games, although the 'pay and forget' concept meant that I was always a console player. I'm sure you probably know what I mean.

It was 2014 when I felt like I had really joined the elite when I bought myself a gaming PC. At the time I was a college student, trying to make ends meet with a low paid weekend job. At first, I looked for pre-built configurations, but they all cost far too much for someone in my situation.

I discovered it's actually possible to pay a lot less - in fact about 50 percent less - by buying parts and building your gaming PC that way.

Maybe you did this too - spending hours figuring out what I could afford, and making sure the different parts would work with each other, and which ones would work best for what I was trying to do.

That's why I established YourGamingSetup.com. The goal behind it is to help gamers in the same position as I was to build the best PC they can afford, given their budget. If you need help with finding the right store or the lowest price, figuring out what is compatible with what or you need technical help, look no further.

There are definite advantages if you take the time to build your own PC with our guides.

* Less expensive games than if you used a console
* A large community of gamers, and it's free to explore the site and exchange tips and info.
* The games you play the most have some great mods.
* No need to even think about buying a new PC - just upgrade your existing one when you need to.

We are growing all the time - at the moment we cover around 40 percent of the gaming industry around the world.

You too can join the master race of gamers without spending more than you can afford - join us at 25pc.com.

25pc.com Founder

Email Me: anton (at) 25pc.com